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in on January 11, 2019

How easy is it for us to get over-busy during the Christmas season? We get lost in the parties, present buying, and school schedule craziness only to look up and we are celebrating the New Year. What if this year was different? What would it look like for your family this year to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ together? Let’s fight against the December craze by celebrating Advent together.

Advent is an annual season in the month of December when the Church celebrates the coming of Jesus two millennia ago. The English word “Advent” is formed from the latin word Adventus (that would be an awesome superhero name…just saying), which means “arrival.” Through Advent we cheerfully reflect on Jesus’ first coming and rest in our hopeful expectation of His promised second-coming.

The Advent season is our time to prepare our hearts and minds to celebrate Jesus coming to us. For centuries, Christians have celebrated Advent in many ways – lighting candles, hanging wreaths, giving gifts, reading Scripture, and singing songs. Simply put, Advent is for adoring Jesus. Our goal here is simple: this year we want you to celebrate Advent together as a family by gathering together five times around God’s Word.

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*This download requires some editing on the final day, Christmas Eve, because it uses some context specific language. Make sure to edit the word document with your information and then save as a pdf. The included pdf simply omits the Christmas Eve family guide. Enjoy this free Advent guide that you can provide for your families!

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‘>This Advent resource goes great with this Christmas message entitled ‘Immanuel’

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