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Altared Logo / Theme Design Package – (normally $5)
These “altared” or flame logo designs are designed to draw attention to your ministry or event. The package includes editable .AI files, .PSD files, and also JPEGS and PNG files. We hope they are helpful in your ministry context. Enjoy.

Event Flyer / Letter Template – (normally $7) 
One of the most important things you can do in Youth Ministry is communicate well. This event flyer / letter will help you get the word out about your next event down to the nitty gritty details. Share details about the upcoming event like times, emergency numbers, departure times, and how to register…all in a nicely designed 8.5×11 letter / flyer format. Included in this package is the editable letterhead (Photoshop file) where you can put your logo and event info, Indesign template, a PDF to see the finished product, and a Pages document as well.

Family Fall Kickoff Advertising Package – (normally $5)
This advertising package is designed to help you create huge buzz for your Fall Kickoff. The poster is designed at 11×17 so you can print them and hang them. This advertising package includes an editable poster PSD as well as a JPEG of the final poster for your reference. You can resize the PSD file for postcards, projection graphics, or whatever else you might need. Happy Fall Kickoff.

Heaven Came Down Christmas Design – (normally $1) 
This sermon graphic poster is designed to enhance your Christmas message or series. Included in this package is the editable Photoshop file as well as a JPEG file. Merry Christmas.

I AM Teaching Series (Design, Sermons, Small Groups, more) – (normally $12) 
Jesus made some powerful claims throughout His ministry, and each of His claims reveals something powerful, poignant, and incredible about His character and His love for us. This series will help your students live in the awe and wonder of Jesus. Series includes:

-5 Full Manuscripts on 5 of the “I Am” statements of Jesus (Light of the World, Bread of Life, Before Abraham, the Door, and the True Vine)
-5 Weeks of Small Group Discussion Questions based on the messages
-Editable PSD files for posters, projection, and Instagram / social media
-JPEG and PNG files for posters, projection, and Instagram / social media

iDentity Theme / Retreat Design Package – (normally $7) 
Students need to know who they are in Christ. In an effort to communicate God’s truth about a student’s identity, this logo / theme package is designed to help you build a great theme around the concept of identity. This package includes the graphic design elements for your “identity” retreat – Posters, Logos, Teaching Slide Backgrounds, Tshirt Designs, and more. You will receive editable Photoshop and Illustrator files (you will need Photoshop and / or Illustrator to edit them). Happy retreating!

Internship Starter Pack – (normally $10)
This Internship Starter Pack is designed to give you resources and guidelines and documents as you prepare to interview, hire, host, and mentor an intern in your ministry. This pack includes editable documents (Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop) you can use, including applications, interview questionnaires, housing guidelines, intern expectations, recommended readings, tasks and schedules, and internship evaluations for you and for your intern. Feel free to edit the documents to fit your own context. We hope they are helpful! Keep being extraordinary.

Know Your Cereals Game – (normally $3) 
This game is just goofy fun. Cereal is one of the greatest foods ever invented. Simply show the image of the zoomed in cereal box and see if students can identify what cereal it is. Works great as an upfront game to kick off a fun night at youth group.

Reality Theme / Retreat Design Package – (normally $5) 
This world offers a lot of false realities. But the most important reality is that God loves us, and He sent His Son to die in our place. To communicate this truth, we have created a set of theme graphics designed to help you share the “reality” of God’s love and sacrifice for us. This package includes the graphic design elements for your “identity” retreat – Posters, Logos, Teaching Slide Backgrounds, Tshirt Designs, and more. You will receive editable Photoshop and Illustrator files (you will need Photoshop and / or Illustrator to edit them). Happy downloading!

RESET Theme / Retreat Design Package – (normally $5) 
I remember playing the old Nintendo – sometimes, you just need to hit the RESET button. I think students sometimes wonder if there is a way to “reset” their lives. Luckily, Christ has offered us a chanced at a new start. This “RESET” theme design package can help you share the truth of God’s forgiveness. This package includes the graphic design elements for your “RESET” retreat or series – Posters, Logos, Teaching Slide Backgrounds, Tshirt Designs, and more. You will receive editable Photoshop and Illustrator files (you will need Photoshop and / or Illustrator to edit them). Happy downloading!

Rivals Teaching Series Package – (normally $10)
This lesson series is designed to help students see how God was and is present even in disagreement. By highlighting key characters and rivalries in the Bible, you can teach about God’s love, mercy, and holiness while sharing some of the great Bible characters and key characteristics of the God we serve. This package includes:

-8 lesson manuscripts highlighting key rivalries in the Bible (Word)
-Small group discussion questions to accompany the lesson (Word)
-Graphics for posters, projection, and banners (PSD and JPEG)
-RIVALS Powerpoint game (JPEGS)

Spring / Summer Calendar – (normally $7)
This package contains lots of editable PSD files to help you create a killer youth group calendar to share with your students, their parents, and your church family. This calendar is laid out in landscape format on 11×17 paper for easy use and the ability to print them in house if you choose to. Happy calendar-ing! Fonts used in these Photoshop documents are predominantly Franchise and Maven Pro, available for free online.

Transformation Trivia Game – (normally $3)
Social media has brought about a ton of new trends, including Transformation Tuesday. This game plays off that concept and is sure to have your students laughing and guessing. This slide game features 10 celebrities that your students will know. Simply show the slide of the celebrity’s childhood photo and have students guess who it is. At the end, see who got the most correct. Easy to play and sure to energize your next youth group. All the slides are JPEGs for easy loading into any presentation software.

Included in the Frank Bundle:

2015 11×17 Spring Calendar (Originally $10) 

2015 Spring Calendars just in time for the New Year. It lays out to 11×17 but folds up like a book. The calendar is a .PSD so you will need Photoshop to easily edit this file.

Christmas Over/Under (Originally $3) 

Super fun game just in time for Christmas. Each question will have a random numerical answer that is either over or under the real amount. Your student have to guess if it is over or under. Images and PPT file included!

Satan and Demons (Originally  $3)

A sweet one-off message to talk about Satan, demons, demon possession, and more. Was made as a Halloween message but can be adapted for any of your services.

Image Bearers (Originally $10)

God has bestowed his image only on mankind. As image bearers we have a divine responsibility to reflect God’s image to the world. God has also made his image bearers distinct as men and women. When we confuse the different roles God has given men and women, we confuse the image God has called us to reflect to the world. This is a 4-week series on the subject of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. This series focuses on what it means to be a young man or young woman today as students. It doesn’t dive into issues of marriage or raising kids because that isn’t where most of our students are. This series focuses on what it means to be the young man and young woman God wants them to be today as image bearers. Included are Message Outlines, Graphics, and Slides.

Smartphone Facts (Originally $3)

Do you have students who love their cell phones? Do you find that they never move their face away from those screens? Well, for a few moments help them look up and away from their phone to test their knowledge on the very thing that they hold in their hand. Fun and simple game with ridiculous facts about smartphones. May the arguing of Apple vs Android begin!

Youth Bulletin (Originally $5)

These bulletins are great to hand out to your students so they can be up to date with all info, know what your ministry is for, and a place to take notes. It also comes in three formats so you should be able to edit pretty easily.

These bulletins come in three formats:

  1. A version that can be edited in regular Photoshop.
  2. A version that can be edited in Photoshop Elements
  3. A version that can be edited in Microsoft Word

Mission Trip Devotional (Originally $10)

This booklet will have everything you need to lead your kids in daily personal devotionals and blank sheets for your students to take notes in if you have break out sessions or messages at night. Full of quotes and ideas to launch from and make your own.

The booklet in the package is a word document and easy for you to edit and change fonts to make your own.

Also included are 3 cover options: A General Booklet, Beach Theme for Trips to Central or South America, and an Urban theme for trip to big cities. These are word documents as well where you can edit, add your logo, and change the font.

The booklet is  8.5 x 11 folded in half.

Four Epic Dudes (Originally $12)

Four Epic Dudes is a study on four figures of church history that teach our students that God can use imperfect people to do his perfect will. Each of the four men are flawed but God uses them in amazing and powerful way to shape the church we have today. It is a four-week study on the life and ministry of Augustine, Martin Luther, Jonathan Edwards, and Charles Spurgeon.

This package includes:

  • One Main Graphic Logo (PNG)
  • One  Bumper video (MP4)
  • Four Message Notes/Manuscripts (DOC)
  • 4 sets of Messages Slides (JPG)
  • One archived list of links and books of the research that was done (DOC)
  • Miscellanies videos for two of the lessons (MP4)
  • BONUS: 4 Square pictures with amazing quotes for your Instagram

Info Sheets (Originally $3)

Simple 8.5 x 11 PSDs. These were great when I first started at my current ministry. It gave me a head start on getting to know my students and my volunteer leaders. Layers are easy to edit and it includes HD social media icons.

Photobombed: Cute or Creepy (Originally $3)

Awesome Powerpoint Game about photobombs!

Waiting, Dating, & Mating (Originally $15)

Four-Week Series on Relationships, Dating, Courting, and Purity. Comes with graphics, fonts, Powerpoint slides, message notes, and an ebook to help you or to give out to students as a supplement to the teaching.

Included in the Ben Bundle:

The Walking Dead – 4 week Sermon Series + Extras – (Normally $15)

Zombies at Youth Group?

Some might not think this is a great topic for a Youth Series, but we think the idea of zombies is a perfect analogy for several areas of our spiritual lives. Over the three week Sermon series, you’ll discuss how, similar to zombies, we are only shadows of what we were intended to be, how we hurt others without knowing why, and how we easily blend into the crowd.

This package also contains 3 weeks of questions to use in Small Groups to coincide with the sermons, prepared on great leader guide sheets to give your leaders a quick rundown of what they should focus on in their lesson. We’ve also thrown in a great event guide for an awesome Zombie Attack game to use as a separate event or as part of a Youth Group Lock-in.

Reverse Charades – Christmas Edition – (Normally $3)

Our group absolutely loves the game Reverse Charades, so we’re always making new variations of it. We made this version to play at some point over the next few weeks, and wanted to share it with everyone else who loves this game.

3 pack of Youth Ministry Postcards – (Normally $6)

These postcards offer a great variety of communicating to students that you miss them at Youth Group. These three designs are sure to catch your students eyes, and the backside is included with this download.

Simple Youth Ministry Calendar – (Normally $8)

This simple calendar is pretty easy to edit, regardless of your photoshop expertise,  and looks great. This calendar only shows two months at a time, but is designed to be printed front and back to more prominently display event information.

Esther – 4 Week Small Group + 4 week Sermon series – (Normally $18)

The name of God is never mentioned in the entire book of Esther, yet you can clearly see Him at work through the book. This 4 week Small Group Curriculum and 4 week Sermon series obviously complement each other perfectly, but they also can be used as stand alone studies.

Through these 4 week studies, your students will read through the book of Esther and gain an in-depth knowledge of the book, as well as important take aways for our lives today, from standing up for what you believe in and taking risks for God, to what it means to walk Humbly with Him.

Car Wash Fundraiser kit – (Normally $10)

Doing Youth Group Fundraisers is something that most Youth Pastors is accustomed to, and we’re always looking for easier ways of doing it. One of the most commonly done fundraisers with any group of teens is a car wash, but how often do you spend hours upon hours preparing for one, spending the money on the tools to do it, and corral teens for a few hours to actually wash the cars, all to end up with only a few hundred bucks.

With a car wash-a-thon, you can guarantee an increase in your return. We used this method recently with only 13 students, and made over $7500! We can’t guarantee you’ll make that much, but we do know, this is one of our favorite fundraisers.

Event Save the date card – (Normally $5)

You know you have that huge event on your calendar a few months from now, but do your students and parents know about it? It’s never too early to start promoting those far away events, and this save the date card is the perfect solution to get the word out with plenty of time.

You can fully customize everything on this card, change the font, change the color, change the text! It works great for Fall Retreat promotion, but it can be any event you want!

Youth Ministry Invite Card – (Normally $5)

The size of the average business card is the perfect size for quick invite cards for Youth Ministry events, services and more! This download contains the photoshop file to customize this great 3.5″x 2″ business card that your students can share with friends, and though the example shown is for a High School Midweek service, you can change that to any event or service you want!

From Here to There 3 week Sermon Series and Questions – (Normally $10)

The Woman at the well. Matthew at his tax collector booth. The disciples on the road to Emmaus. Peter on his Fishing boat after the crucifixion.

Jesus encountered these, and many more, in moments of complete desperation, at their lowest, while lost. Yet in each of these stories, He redeems them, and sends them to greater things. When we read these four stories, we see them where Jesus finds them, and read about where he sends them.

But how do we get from point A, to point B. How do we get from lost to found? This Sermon series is a great theme to start the new year in January.

This download also contains a 21 day bible reading plan to coincide with the sermon’s that you can print as is, or customize for your group. It also includes a blank instagram template with the series artwork for posting the daily scripture or sermon quotes as you go. We’ve also included discussion questions to go along with the sermons, that are great for Small Groups.

Included in the Nick Bundle:

2015 6 Month Calendar – (Originally $10)

2015 Spring Calendars just in time for the first 6 months of 2015. The calendar is a .PSD so you will need Photoshop to easily edit this file.

Finish the Lyrics: Christmas Edition – (Originally $3)

This game follows the same format as the original “Finish the Lyrics” game but customized with Christmas classics. Popular Christmas songs that should be a great opening activity for any group.

Winter Retreat Package – (Originally $20)

Are you looking for a complete design package for your next winter retreat? Download this professionally designed package and get everything you need to advertise and get your retreat going!

Design package includes: 

  • 8.5 x 11 Full Page Flyer (.jpg & .PSD)
  • 4-up 8.5 x 11 Postcards that you can print on your own (.jpg & .PSD)
  • Devotional Booklet 8.5 x 11 Front & Back Cover (.jpg & .PSD)
  • Name badges for your own Lanyards (.jpg & .PSD)
  • T-shirt Design Transparency ready for the printer (.jpg & .PSD)
  • Instagram Promotional Graphic (.jpg & .PSD)
  • Facebook Header Image (.jpg & .PSD)
  • All of the fonts used in the design

*The editable files in this design package require Adobe Photoshop or similar programs capable of handling layered files. This will not work with Microsoft Word or Apple Pages. 

What does the Bible Say? – (Originally  $15)

This series of sermons has been very popular on the store. Answer your students most asked questions: How do we respond to Homosexuality, Weed, and Drinking? Package includes graphics for all three weeks, sermon manuscripts, and social media graphics.

Logo & Brochure Template – (Originally $12)

Are you looking for a new logo for your ministry? Download this favorite! Logo is formatted for Adobe Illustrator and includes a brochure template ready for your information in Adobe Photoshop. This logo can be used on any product or branding item you could buy like t-shirts, mugs, water bottles, etc.

Information Boards – (Originally $10)

Download these communication boards that you can use as posters. Perfect for a large frame. Communicate all of your service times, group information, and ways for parents & students to connect. Boards are designed for Adobe Photoshop.

Student Info Card – (Originally $3)

Do you need student information? Download this easy to edit and customize student information card. These are tried and tested in my ministry and are perfect for gathering student info. File is designed for Adobe Photoshop.

Baptism Certificate – (Originally $3)

Do you need an updated design for your baptism certificate? Download this file compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Elements, and any program capable of handling Adobe .PSD files. Fonts are included and colors can be changed to whatever scheme you would like. Designed to fit horizontal 8.5 x 11 paper. Download this fantastic Certificate of Baptism today!

Files Included: .PSD Photoshop File & Fonts

Announcement Slides – (Originally $3)

Do you announcement slides need a little updating? Download these iOS 8 inspired blurred background slides. You can edit these files in Adobe Photoshop or other compatible programs.
Resource includes 4 customizable .psd files that can be relabeled to say anything you’d like.

Who’s that Super Hero – (Originally $3)

Looking for a quick and easy powerpoint game? Download this superhero themed game! It comes with 10 different superheroes all containing different clues to their actual identity. Your students will love trying to guess these Marvel Universe heroes.

Game includes: 
Batman, Aquaman, Black Panther, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Flash, Green Lantern, Iron Man, The Hulk, and Thor
Powerpoint File
Propresenter Files

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