2 Peter Small Group Series

in , on November 23, 2019
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This 3 week journey through 2 Peter challenges us to be prepared as followers of Christ in knowledge and grace against the false teachers of this world. There are many who say they are “Christians” that will tempt us with things of this world and we need to be prepared for these teachers and others who are not associated with Jesus, so that we make sure we don’t fall. 2 Peter is full of challenges for us as followers of Christ and this small group series is perfect for students to dive into those challenges and stretch their faith. If you do Sunday School, this can be easily adapted with teaching guide in this resource!

Week 1 – 2 Peter 1: Grow in Faith
Week 2 – 2 Peter 2: Danger of False Teachers
Week 3 – 2 Peter 3: Day of the Lord is Coming

This resource includes:
– 1 Small group teaching guide with all weeks attached
– 3 weeks of small group questions
– Graphics for presentations and social media promotion

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