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You’re not the average youth pastor and we’re not the average curriculum

A curated curriculum designed for students

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Resources are scarce. Multiply your efforts.

Most curriculums start by giving answers.

We start by asking questions.

What does the Bible say?

We took our time pulling out foundational truths from the Word of God that help us as believers know God more.

What do our students need?

Our students are facing more than we had to. That’s why we researched the biggest needs of students so we could answer the toughest questions from the Word of God.

What’s the bottom line?

The Word of God is a complex book with simple truths. Our goal is that students would learn the simple truth of complex doctrinal issues.

What’s my next step?

Knowledge is power, but only if it’s followed by action. Each one of our messages come with timely and practical next steps for your students.

How can we help each other?

Our curriculum works best in the context of community. Each one of our messages comes with complimentary small group questions to help engage students deeper in truth and with each other.