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How many books a year do you read?

October 9, 2012    
Kolby Milton    

  How many books a year do you read?  This is a great question.  It reveals if you are truly a learner. When I meet up with youth pastors we often talk about struggles, or other issues that we are currently facing.  I love being able to help another youth worker out by referring them to a book.  More often than not, I get the response, “ya, I won’t read it.”  Why…    read more 

15 Ways to Becoming a Successful Staff Member

Learning how to become a successful team member is vital to the everyday youth pastor. If you join a staff (of any size) and do not have the skills and abilities to join a team, you’ll have a long road ahead of you. Below are 15 examples that I’ve learned and will help you become a successful team member. 1. Look to Gain Experience Outside Your Comfort Zone Intentionally put yourself in…    read more 

The Evolution of a Youth Minister | Advice from a Youth Ministry Veteran

I’m a weird animal, and I admit it.  I’m 33 years old, have been serving in Youth Ministry since I was about 19, and have been the Youth Minister (Middle School through College Age) at Hazelwood Christian Church for the last 11.5 years.  I know this is weird because of the looks I get at conferences from other Youth Ministers when they ask, “How long have you been there?” I’ve found that…    read more 

Youth Ministry Calling : Did God really call me to ministry?

I’ve heard it said, and believe it to be true, that Pastors are called to Ministry in one of two ways; the singular moment, eye opening experience that forever changes their life, or by gentle nudgings by the spirit over the course of years. I don’t know how you experienced your ministry calling. For myself, I know my calling came in bits and pieces over the years, and I am 100% certain…    read more 

Youth Ministry and the Olympics: What Medal do your students strive for?

I don’t know how it is in your house, but ours is completely captivated by the XXX Summer Olympics.   Every night our entire family gathers around our tv and watches the dramatic story through the lens of NBC.  And without exception every night has been some of the best tv as we watch olympic athletes compete for Gold, for world records, and for personal triumph. It is humbling and awe-inspiring to watch…    read more 

Dealing with Doubt in Youth Ministry

For the past few years, I’ve been youth pastoring out in Southern California. When I was living out there, I had a group of guys that I got together with on a weekly basis, and we’d discuss anything and everything having to do with life, struggles, relationships, and ministry… With just about all of us having moved away from Southern California and into different ministries, I look back on our discussions and…    read more