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How You Know Its Time To Leave Your Church

*Disclaimer* This post was actually written to be a part of  the series “Part-Time Youth Pastor, Full-Time Hero,” that just wrapped up on” Due to a mix up it never got published, however, even though it is written with the part-time youth pastor in mind, we believe it still speaks volumes for those who work in full-time ministry. Thank you for the support and grace you give us!    As a…    read more 

Calling vs. Career

The call of God to vocational ministry can, at times feel like  almost like a curse, but in reality is the greatest gift a Pastor of any sort can have.   When I left my previous Ministry, I wrestled with God practically daily over my calling, as I had been doing in the months that led up to my resignation, and in greater amounts the days following. I knew, have known, since…    read more 

What I pray before I speak to students

Every Wednesday Night before the students show up, right after I print out the final draft of my message, I pray this prayer. Maybe not word for word, but this same idea every time.   Lord, Thank You for the opportunity to speak to these students that You have given to this ministry. I am not worthy of speaking Your truth into these kids’ lives, yet You make me worthy through Your…    read more 

Cut the Crap: Get Transparent

When I went to the Simply Youth Ministry Conference in March, I was stoked.  One of the biggest blessings that I had was being able to meet so many people that I have networked with over the last three years in the blogosphere.  I had some really encouraging and hilarious conversations with many people who have a decade more experience and eons more wisdom than I. One thing that showed up in…    read more 

Three practices that will explode your Youth Ministry

While I was in college at Liberty University, I took a class once a week for 3 hours on Prayer. It was one of my favorite classes I took while in school, and one of my favorite professors I had in college taught it, but a few years out, I wish I could go back and take the class all over again, because something that I know, and that you know, is…    read more 

Youth Pastors and Self Promotion

How many times have I unfollowed someone on Twitter because they link to their blog every hour? How many times have I rolled my eyes in a Facebook group for youth pastors because I ask a question, and instead of interaction I get linked to a blog? How many times have I had a conversation with a youth pastor, and all they can talk about is their accomplishments? It’s annoying, guys.  But…    read more 

The first step is always the hardest

What is God stirring in your heart? The first few verses of the book of Ezra open with the king of Persia essentially granting freedom to the exiles of God that are within his reign the freedom to go home and to rebuild the temple of God. As Christians, we know the God we serve is great and able to do anything; for example, having the king of the nation who is…    read more 

6 Ways to Have a Great Vacation

In my last post, I discussed three ways you can fight off the “Summertime Blues.”  I’m currently dealing with the blues, but this time around I was smart and planned ahead to take a vacation, which starts next week! I’m really excited about this; and of course, I’m making all the preparations for everything to run without me while I’m gone. At the same time, I’m also preparing myself for vacation. One…    read more