Youth Ministry Roundtable

Youth Ministry Roundtable episode 20 | Aligning Mission & Vision

January 6, 2015    
Ben Read    

It’s been a while since we’ve done a Youth Ministry Roundtable, but for the last few months, we’ve known we wanted to bring them back, and the new year seemed like the perfect time to do that. Our Youth Ministry Roundtables are meant to bring a few voices from different backgrounds to discuss Youth Ministry topics. In this re-turn episode, a few of our Site Leaders discuss the question “How much should…    read more 

Youth Ministry RoundTable #15 | Having Fun in Youth Ministry

We’ve gotten back into having a weekly RoundTable and today we had a great conversation about the role of Fun in Youth Ministry. In case you missed it Live, or if you just want to watch it again, you can view it below.   We also had a tweetchat on the same topic going on, just like every other week, that you can view by searching #youthmin on twitter. Tune in next…    read more 

Youth Ministry Roundtable #13

September 6, 2013    
Ben Read    

By now, most schools should be back in session, and with that, most Youth Ministries have re-launched their Fall programs. So we’re coming back with all new episodes of the Youth Ministry Roundtable! This coming Tuesday at 4:00pm EST, we’ll be live on YouTube discussing the best ways we can evaluate our Summer Ministry and what we can glean from those evaluations to improve this Fall. While our contributor panelists are discussing…    read more 

Discipling Girls in Student Ministry

A lot of Male Youth Pastors can often feel lost when it comes to ministering to girls. From the basic questions of what kinds of games to play that girls would like to play, to questions of how can I effectively be a male leader in her life without creating any awkward situations? More often than not, it seems like the easiest thing to do is just find a great female volunteer…    read more 

Social Media and Youth Ministry

If you haven’t heard, the Youth Ministry Roundtable is back, and we think it’s better than ever. One thing that makes it better? We also brought back the Youthmin Tweetchat! We hadn’t done a tweet chat in over a year, and we missed the community that brought so much! When we combined the two of them, we realized we had something special. So here is the most recent Youth Ministry Roundtable, just…    read more 

Starting out at a New Youth Ministry | Youth Ministry Round Table #7

Yesterday, a group of the contributors got online to discuss the Do’s and Dont’s of starting out at a new Ministry. You can watch our conversation in the below video.   Here are a few of the resources we mentioned in our conversation for you to check out as well: Is it time to leave your ministry context? Or to simply take a nap? by Ben Kerns Being Patient by Amy Jo Girardier   Related…    read more 

Youth Ministry Spiritual Growth vs. Numerical Growth | Youth Ministry RoundTable #6

In this episode of the Youth Ministry Roundtable, our contributors discuss the old saying “What you win them with is what you win them to,” the idea that often times it’s easiest to focus on growing a ministry Numerically  with the fun games, great giveaways, and flashy events, but what most Youth Pastors really seek is the spiritual growth. Stay tuned to the end for each of the contributors Action Steps for…    read more 

Youth Ministry RoundTable #4 | Why is my Youth Group not growing?

This week on the Youth Ministry Roundtable, our Youth Pastor Contributors discussed the question “Does God want my Youth Ministry to stay small?” As we talked, we touched on the idea that sometimes Youth Pastors can feel frustrated with the thought that our hands our tied behind our backs, that no matter what we do, other circumstances in our church prevent our Ministries from growing, and what are we supposed to do…    read more