Pregnancy in Youth Ministry

November 29, 2012    

Pregnancy in youth ministry:  Nope, I am not talking about your teenagers, I am talking about your ministers.  Starting a family is an intimidating thought to begin with, but trying to balance it with ministry is even more difficult.  Imagine being a woman in ministry: having to deal with morning sickness in Sunday School, the pregnancy leave from the ministry, the breastfeeding at church camp.  Trying to figure out the whole pregnancy…    read more 

A Letter to Adult Volunteers

November 21, 2012    

Dear Adult Volunteer, You are valuable in our student ministry. We believe you are the heartbeat of the student ministry. We believe you will make an eternal impact on this generation. Jesus trusted and empowered his disciples and the early church leaders (Acts 2:42-47). In the same way, we trust you to fulfill a role of investing into the hearts of students. You are vital to reaching this generation with Christ. We are honored…    read more 

Ten Keys To Family Ministry Volunteers Part 2

November 9, 2012    

If you haven’t already, hop over and see Part 1, the first 5 keys that have seen success in recruiting, training, and retaining volunteers for family ministry!  These tips should work for volunteers in any age range of family ministry, but obviously, I’m over student ministry!   Here are the second half of my 10 Keys to Family Ministry Volunteers!   6.  Catch them “doing right” and recognize it publicly.  Notes are…    read more 

Ten Keys To Family Ministry Volunteers Part 1

October 24, 2012    

I’m working on putting together a list of key volunteer practices that have led to success in my limited amount of ministry.  I have a huge passion to equip other people for the ministry God’s called them to, and volunteer teams play a huge part in that.  In this post, I wanted to give five keys I’ve found to be successful.  They’re not earth-shattering, original, or revolutionary, but they are successful.  These…    read more 

[Contest] Social Media and Volunteers

September 4, 2012    
Jeremy Smith    

I (Jeremy) am wanting to put together a great resource for youth workers in the area of social media over at seventy8 Productions. Of course, I can and eventually will put out a resource from my own experiences and knowledge on the subject, but there is no reason to reinvent the wheel. Instead, I want to pool the resources of this YouthMin.org community first and build off of a great foundation with…    read more 

How to Start, Choose, and Sustain Volunteers

August 10, 2012    
Josh Read    

I recently heard Chap Clark (professor of youth ministry at Fuller Seminary) talk about the need for 5 positive adult role models outside the immediate family to raise up a healthy young adult.  The role that youth ministry plays in providing adults for that ratio can be burdensome but it doesn’t have to be. All of us struggle for enough adult leaders in our ministries.  Small group leaders, teachers, mentors, heck even…    read more 

Volunteers and Social Media

August 6, 2012    

August means a lot of things.  STUPID high temperatures (in Arkansas, at least), almost college football, last ditch efforts at vacation, Total Recall, and the school year kicking off!  I know for some, your districts are on irregular or year long schedules, but for most of us, August is game time.  Our schedules shift from being more fluid and flexible to being structured and predictable.  Students are in class, and we venture…    read more