Why The Gospel?

September 25, 2013    

Part 2 of a Gospel and Students Series. This is not necessarily a fun post to write, but before we’re able to talk about the Gospel, we have to understand WHY we (and our students) need it.  This post is taken from a position paper on the Gospel, hence some of the more academic language.     Though commonly used within the church, there is often ambiguity as to what truly defines…    read more 

The Gap In My Ministry

September 19, 2013    

Part 1 of a Gospel and Students series. I by no means claim to be an expert in student ministry.  I’ve got 5 years of student ministry under my belt and still feel green.  That being said, I’ve started to notice a gap, a lack, in the lives of students.  In the past two years, I’ve been able to baptize about 15 or 20 students, some of whom grew up in church,…    read more 

The Prosperity Gospel and Youth Ministry

October 29, 2012    
Keith Parker    

If you’ve been around Christianity for any amount of time, you have no doubt been exposed to the Prosperity Gospel.  This “health and wealth” version of the Word of God started as a movement around 1940, and has taken various forms and nuances ever since.  In short, this “gospel” says that God wants all devoted Christians to have spiritual, financial, and physical blessings, and that He works to that end for all…    read more 

Arminianism and Youth Ministry

September 5, 2012    
Keith Parker    

[To see the companion post that goes with this article and presents a different viewpoint, visit: Calvinism and Student Ministry] My fellow contributor Frank Gil hit the nail on the head when he wrote, “What you believe about how Christ saves his people will affect how you worship and live.”  He springboards from there and shares how his view of God, particularly Calvinism, has shaped his ministry from top to bottom….    read more