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Developing a Killer Series for Your Youth Ministry


I remember sitting down in my office for the first time as a full-time Youth Minister.  The books were all placed carefully on the shelf, my pictures and paintings were hung, and my office supplies sat expectantly on my pristine new desk. I leaned back in my chair and thought, “Now what?” I wasn’t sure what to do, where to start, or how to shape this youth ministry I was now leading….    read more 

Two Things I Teach My Students Every Christmas Season

December 2, 2015    
Frank Gil    

Christmas for most of my life in Florida meant wearing shorts and a t-shirt while eating some Cuban roast pork on Noche Buena. Since moving to Milwaukee and finding out there is more than one season in the year, Christmas has become much more magical. Seeing fresh snow on the roofs of houses and actually having to wear warm clothes because of the weather adds to the Christmas experience. As a youth pastor…    read more 

48 Books, Links, & Sermons on Biblical Womanhood

I made a series called Image Bearers that talks about Biblical Womanhood. Here are a ton of resources that I made available for my students to go deeper on the issue. Here are 48 resources I found (with the help of my wife) to be helpful on the subject of Biblical Womanhood. 3 Ways to Actually Guard Your Heart – Relevant Magazine 7 Truths When You Are Rejected – Lies Young Women Believe A Single…    read more 

31 Books, Links, & Sermons on Biblical Manhood

I made a series called Image Bearers that talks about Biblical Manhood. Here are a ton of resources that I made available for my students to go deeper on the issue. Here are 31 resources I found to be helpful on the subject of Biblical Manhood. 10 Myths about Lust | CBMW 33 The Series | Authentic Manhood A Guide to Biblical Manhood |Randy Stinson Act Like Men: 40 Days to Biblical Manhood | James MacDonald…    read more 

Tips for Having “The Talk” With Your Students

This Fall, our student ministry tackled the “gods at war” series from Kyle Idleman. The series identifies false gods that war for our affection. From the moment we chose the series, I circled the date on my calendar when I would be teaching on the “gods of love, sex, and romance.” Every youth minister knows the sweaty palms and the lump in the throat that come along with speaking to students about…    read more 

6 Reasons to Teach Church History to Your Students

I went on a rant a couple weeks ago. I was reading though my Twitter timeline and started thinking about how much we need to discuss and know Church History today. When I was in Bible College I took Church History expecting to white-knuckle though a boring semester. Dr. Parsons opened my eyes to a new love and passion that I never knew I had. Church History is amazing! I wondered at the end of…    read more 

Talking Points for Pretty Little Liars

February 10, 2014    

I know my students watch “Pretty Little Liars.” Here’s a secret: I do too. I don’t WANT them to watch it. I think it’s too mature in content for them.  I think parts of the show are trash and it irritates me, yet I watch it.  I don’t advertise that I do it, but I do it. But what happens when a student tells me that they love that show?  Personally, I’m…    read more 

Noah and Youth Ministry

November 14, 2013    
Ben Read    

Today, the preview for the upcoming movie Noah was released, and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s always great to see visual representations of Historical events, and this portrayal of such an awesome event from the Bible seems like it will be great. I mean, check out the trailer!   Now, who knows what sort of underlying message the writers will try and spin into this story. But from this trailer alone,…    read more 

How To Run Family Worship Night

It’s Orange Week! Our team here at YouthMin.org absolutely loves the Orange philosophy, their crew, their conference, and curriculum. A few of us were asked to focus this week on aspects of Orange, and we love participating every year in Orange week! Over the past few years, our ministry has hosted a Family Worship Night every year. The purpose for the night is to give parents opportunities to engage with their students…    read more 

FREE "Connected" Youth Series

July 10, 2012    
Nick Farr    

Here is our first FREE Youth Series that we’re giving away. We’re pretty excited about this and hope it can be a great tool for you and your ministry. We envision this 3-week series being used to kick-off your fall programming. Getting connected to a ministry is vital! Use, Modify, and Share this series. Enjoy! Week 1: The purpose of Connecting–Community Romans 12:3-5 (Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought,…    read more