Small Groups

Skipping a Step in Making Disciples

There’s a constant agitating thought that occurs every time I think about youth ministry. It’s a thought that every youth pastor is plagued by. There are so many Christians in this world, but very few are disciples. I see a lot of students accepting Christ, but it seems like very few are taking the next step towards discipleship. Sometimes I feel like Elijah, looking around for leaders that are furthering the cause…    read more 

6 Ways to Better Engage Your Students in Small Group

I believe in students connecting in small group environments. Small groups have always been a cornerstone of every ministry I have been a part of and their environments consume about 60% of my entire workload. It is hard work to create -> maintain -> encourage small groups and it is just as hard finding -> equipping -> keeping small group leaders. Everything about small groups is hard work, but I hope this…    read more 

Summer Discipleship in Transition

Summer Discipleship Transition

In my last post, we talked through the toughness of the summer schedule in the youth ministry world and how crucial it is for each of us to find the “Summer Sweet Spot” for our summer ministry plans. That post was aimed at the woes of the programming world in which we operate, but in this post I want to focus on the other, more important area of summer discipleship. In my context of 100+…    read more 

Why you shouldn’t finish your sermon in Youth Ministry

If you’re like me, when you prepare a lesson for youth group, Sunday School, small group, or any other of your youth meetings, you like to have it be as clear and understandable as possible. We never want our students to go home more confused than when they arrived – that would just make us look bad! After all, we’re the person (paid or unpaid) the church is relying on to help…    read more 

Why Small Group Leaders are so important to Youth Ministry

January 17, 2014    
Ben Read    

I grew up in a pretty big youth group in California, with a ton of kids, a ton of leaders, and an amazing Youth Pastor. I’ve long credited my Youth Pastor as one of the biggest influences in my life, and his one-on-one mentoring of me helped me to become the Youth Pastor I am today. Consistently, when I am facing a dilemma, or trying to explain a foundational goal of Youth…    read more 

Part-Time Youth Pastor, Full-Time Hero: The Small Group You Never Knew You Had

July 24, 2013    
Josh Fuentes    

It was the summer of 2005 and I just started my first bi-vocational student ministry position. I knew more than anything that in order for my youth group to grow, it needed to have small groups. I decided the best time to do our small groups were on Sunday nights, and try to do them at church members’ homes. Right off the bat, I ran into three problems: (1) I couldn’t find…    read more 

5 Reasons Your Ministry Needs Women Leaders

Your youth ministry needs women leaders.  Before we start arguing the theology of women in ministry, I want you to hear me out:  The purpose of this post is not to advocate for ordained women, or women pastors, or to argue the Pauline view of women. The purpose of this post is to convince you why you need more women in roles of discipleship, worship, and (yes) teaching.  We need to have…    read more 

A Letter to Adult Volunteers

November 21, 2012    

Dear Adult Volunteer, You are valuable in our student ministry. We believe you are the heartbeat of the student ministry. We believe you will make an eternal impact on this generation. Jesus trusted and empowered his disciples and the early church leaders (Acts 2:42-47). In the same way, we trust you to fulfill a role of investing into the hearts of students. You are vital to reaching this generation with Christ. We are honored…    read more 

Youthmin Roundtable #1

Once or twice a week, the contributors of get together and talk about blogging, Youth Ministry, and life, and we have grown to love this online network of Youth Pastors. We decided to start recording a section of it while discussing topics brought up in the Facebook Community we have. Last night was the first one, and we’d love for you to check it out! Give us some feedback, let us…    read more 

Small Groups: Forming Youth Ministry Small Groups

August 22, 2012    
Josh Read    

Small groups are essential for a healthy ministry. They foster relationships between students, which produces a community that can grow together in Christ, and they foster relationships between students and adults, which  We all understand the more small groups we have, the better. Our job as student ministers is to encourage these groups of community, and make sure the students involved are reaching their friends with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Part…    read more