Skipping a Step in Making Disciples

There’s a constant agitating thought that occurs every time I think about youth ministry. It’s a thought that every youth pastor is plagued by. There are so many Christians in this world, but very few are disciples. I see a lot of students accepting Christ, but it seems like very few are taking the next step towards discipleship. Sometimes I feel like Elijah, looking around for leaders that are furthering the cause…    read more 

48 Books, Links, & Sermons on Biblical Womanhood

I made a series called Image Bearers that talks about Biblical Womanhood. Here are a ton of resources that I made available for my students to go deeper on the issue. Here are 48 resources I found (with the help of my wife) to be helpful on the subject of Biblical Womanhood. 3 Ways to Actually Guard Your Heart – Relevant Magazine 7 Truths When You Are Rejected – Lies Young Women Believe A Single…    read more 

31 Books, Links, & Sermons on Biblical Manhood

I made a series called Image Bearers that talks about Biblical Manhood. Here are a ton of resources that I made available for my students to go deeper on the issue. Here are 31 resources I found to be helpful on the subject of Biblical Manhood. 10 Myths about Lust | CBMW 33 The Series | Authentic Manhood A Guide to Biblical Manhood |Randy Stinson Act Like Men: 40 Days to Biblical Manhood | James MacDonald…    read more 

What my Cuban mother taught me about the gospel.

April 20, 2015    
Frank Gil    

This is from an old post I made back when I had a personal blog. It was based from a lesson on identity that I did with my students. — I’m 100% Cuban. Like I am the first generation to not marry someone who comes from Cuba. In fact, I was a first generation Cuban-American whose first language was english and for a long time I didn’t like black beans. I was…    read more 

Why you shouldn’t finish your sermon in Youth Ministry

If you’re like me, when you prepare a lesson for youth group, Sunday School, small group, or any other of your youth meetings, you like to have it be as clear and understandable as possible. We never want our students to go home more confused than when they arrived – that would just make us look bad! After all, we’re the person (paid or unpaid) the church is relying on to help…    read more 

Teaching to Everyone in the Room

June 10, 2014    
Ben Read    

After reading an article by Thom Schultz called Why Church Doesn’t Fit Most People, which was a pretty good read, I decided to write an entry about one of the statistics he used. Thom states that research suggests that only 30% or less of people are Auditory learners, meaning that they way they learn is primarily through listening. As a former education major, I had to learn a lot about all sorts…    read more 

6 Reasons to Teach Church History to Your Students

I went on a rant a couple weeks ago. I was reading though my Twitter timeline and started thinking about how much we need to discuss and know Church History today. When I was in Bible College I took Church History expecting to white-knuckle though a boring semester. Dr. Parsons opened my eyes to a new love and passion that I never knew I had. Church History is amazing! I wondered at the end of…    read more 

How To Keep Your Youth Ministry Small

Eight years ago I started at a small church with a small youth ministry.  I remember being terrified.  I had no idea what I was doing…even after 3 years of an internship, and 5+ years of school.  Bible college and seminary could never prepare me for what being a pastor was.  To be honest, it was a horrible year and a half start.  It was rocky, and I wasn’t sure I was…    read more 

Five Things To Think About When You Preach a Terrible Message

January 10, 2014    
Frank Gil    

We have all been there. You walk off the platform and you just want to get under a rock and pray that everyone will just forget about what you said. You feel embarrassed, stressed, and you hope your Senior Pastor doesn’t hear about it because you think you might get fired if he heard it. No matter what your wife or anyone says, you feel terrible and you just want next week…    read more 

My least favorite phrase in Youth Ministry

November 26, 2013    
Ben Read    

“I just teach the students what I am learning in my quiet times.” That statement really bothers me, for a number of reasons. I don’t think any Youth Pastor would argue that reading your Bible for sermon prep is good enough for spiritual health, and I don’t believe any Youth Pastor would openly admit to that in the first place. But why this statement bothers me is because it robs your students…    read more