Hellbound? Talking about heaven and hell in youth ministry

August 3, 2012    
Ben Read    

Last year, there was much discussion about the existence of hell, who goes there, why people go there, and how a loving God could send someone, anyone, to hell. Now there is a documentary coming to theatres that raises the questions again, and does so by talking to a great number of varied voices on their thoughts and opinions on hell. Here is the trailer for Hellbound: I know myself, I’ll watch…    read more 

Dealing with Doubt in Youth Ministry

For the past few years, I’ve been youth pastoring out in Southern California. When I was living out there, I had a group of guys that I got together with on a weekly basis, and we’d discuss anything and everything having to do with life, struggles, relationships, and ministry… With just about all of us having moved away from Southern California and into different ministries, I look back on our discussions and…    read more 

Basic Theology essential to effective Youth Ministry

July 31, 2012    
Ben Read    

Here in Massachusetts, our school year (and Ministry year) doesn’t start until after Labor day, and so while many of you are getting close to kicking off Youth Ministry for the fall, we are still in a bit of a planning phase. So we are working on our teaching schedule for Middle School and Sr. High for the year, and we are focusing on ensuring that whatever we talk about, it clearly…    read more 

Youth Ministry and Theology

July 30, 2012    
Frank Gil    

When I started at my youth group I didn’t know the level of my kids’ biblical or theological literacy. My first series was through the book of Philippians and quickly I understood that my youth knew who people were in the Bible, understood some Christian terminology and had a solid basic understanding of the gospel. However, in the lives of many of my youth, there was this stench of complacency towards Christian…    read more 

Youth Pastors Emotional Health: Consumed by Anger in Youth Ministry

July 24, 2012    
Ben Read    

It’s amazing to me as I talk to Youth Pastors to really just see how prevalent depression is in Youth Ministry. For whatever reason, it would appear to be true that working in Youth Ministry can be a very depressing thing to do, yet at the same time, is such a joy bringing calling. I stumbled on this quote again that challenged me a lot last year when I was going through…    read more 

Setting Goals at Home

June 12, 2012    
Josh Read    

I’m not one who believes in new year’s resolutions. I’ve done them and failed (almost every time). However, after working for Team Expansion (a church planting organization), I found great value in setting goals. states that a goal is: ”the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.” A resolution is an intention. I guess they can both be the same thing, but in my mind, effort is much greater than intention. As student ministers, we are often required to set goals for…    read more 

Turn the Tide of post-modernism

December 15, 2011    
Josh Read    

78.4% of the Americans call themselves a Christian. For the UK that percentage is 71.8%. Now we all know that a lot of these Christians are Christians in name only. For instance, the number of people affiliated with a Christian church in the UK is only 47.8% so that’s substantially lower already.  But still a vast majority of the people in the US and the UK calls themselves a Christian, they want…    read more 

How to ruin your life by 40

December 5, 2011    
Josh Read    

  There is not a single person who would answer yes, if asked the question, Do you want your life to be miserable when you are older? Yet the majority of young people engage in decisions every day that are leading to that very end. This is evidence of a great disconnect in modern thinking. There is a denial of the law of cause and effect. Many lies have penetrated the mind…    read more