Youth Group Game: Pewsball

September 10, 2012    
Ben Read    

We played a game last night that came together really quickly and abruptly last minute as we ditched our initial plans. Our Youth Room has pillars every 8 feet to support the floor above it, and each of those pillars has a square counter that is right around injury-prone height. So typically, the games we play involve a lot of sitting or casual walking around. Last night we decided to take our…    read more 

The Youth Ministry game I'll never play again

July 28, 2012    
Ben Read    

This is a story I have shared before, but was talking about recently with several people and decided to share it again this Saturday. There is an old youth ministry game that I am sure most youth pastors have either played while they were in youth group or have played with the youth group they lead. You may call it by another name, But I have always known it as mission: impossible….    read more 

Youth Group Games: Fris-Tac-le

July 24, 2012    
Ben Read    

We love Youth Group Games and love sharing them with you! This is a game I got inspiration for from Pinterest, but we played last week in our Summer Mid Week Program. Essentially, think of shuffle board meets tic-tac-toe with a frisbee. We had several tic-tac-toe boards set up outside made with sidewalk chalk, and had two teams of two players face off on the boards in a best 2 of 3…    read more 

Dance your Hat and Gloves off

July 11, 2012    
Ben Read    

This is a game we will be doing at our Middle School Mayhem (VBS for middle schoolers) in a few weeks as an opener. I first saw it on the Jimmy Fallon show, which has become my new source for Youth Ministry games, and thought it would be a great one for Up-Front volunteer games. To play, you simply bring up 3 volunteers who each get a beanie and a pair of…    read more 

Great Youth Ministry Games: Everyone Plays Games

March 7, 2012    
Jeremy Smith    

Some of the best youth ministry games are the ones where you need to ask for people who are okay with getting dirty, singing in front of people, or doing embarrassing skits. Youth workers love to do these games, but we must always remember that we are here for all of the students and not to exclude people at youth group. Games and mixers that incorporate everyone not only get people get…    read more 

Great Youth Ministry Games: Inside Games

February 17, 2012    
Jeremy Smith    

Youth ministry games are fun to play, but you do not always have the luxury of being able to play in a huge gym or outside. Many rainy or cold days are spent inside for youth group and require us to be restricted with what we play. Here are 5 free games that are a big hit with teens inside. Blind Puzzles Divide the group up into two or three teams. Ask…    read more 

Great Youth Ministry Games: Outside Games

January 11, 2012    
Jeremy Smith    

The golden rule for youth ministry with high school and middle school students is to be able to have high energy games that typically require going outside or being in a big gym. Some of them make a huge mess while others get students running around and interacting with youth workers and other students. Here are 5 free outside games that are guaranteed to create memories and provide opportunities to build deeper…    read more 

A Twist on a classic game

December 1, 2011    
Ben Read    

  Saw this on Pinterest the other day and thought it was pretty awesome. You could set up a few “boards” at your next retreat or camp for students to fill some free time, but I also feel like this same sort of idea could be transformed into some other sweet outdoor game. What are some ways you could see using this in Youth Ministry?