Youth Ministry Games

August 8, 2014    
Frank Gil    

Can I be honest? When it comes to my weekly youth meeting, I can nail the message, get my worship team organized and looking great, find serious and funny videos to show the students, and take care of all the administrative needs. However, the one thing I absolutely hate is coming up with games. Don’t get me wrong, I love playing them. I think having an element of fun is super necessary…    read more 

Wacky Words – Group Game

May 30, 2014    
Keith Parker    

If you’re like me, you are always looking for a great up-front game that is flexible for any group size, easy to use and explain, and fun for everyone.  Sometimes, games like that are hard to come by.  So, we decided to create our own one evening, and Wacky Words was born. Wacky Words is a crazy game focusing on the definitions of some of the English language’s craziest words, like Gardyloo,…    read more 

The Battle Room – Youth Ministry games

May 28, 2014    
Ben Read    

Growing up, I loved reading the book Ender’s Game, and I was thrilled when the movie came out this laster year. One of the key components that every reader loved about the book is the Battle Room, where armies practiced battle strategy in what can only be described as the greatest laser tag ever. So this past week, when this youth ministry game idea turned into the epicness that it did, I couldn’t…    read more 

Star Wars Youth Ministry Game bundle

May 7, 2014    
Ben Read    

May the 4th only happens once a year, but let’s be honest – there’s never a time that’s not a great time for Star Wars related games for Youth Ministry. Over on, we’ve got a great new bundle of games all focused on Star Wars that your group will love. This bundle contains 3 star wars themed games: Vader, 3PO, Skywalker – a Group game Vadering Challenge – an instagram game for your…    read more 

Youth Group Powerpoint game: BuzzWords

April 29, 2014    
Ben Read    

Buzzwords is a fantastic game for any size group, seriously, you can play with just 2 people or 200 people! To play buzzwords, have students get in groups of your choosing to fit your total size. Can be played with two teams going head to head or 8 teams of smaller sizes. Give out a letter and a category and give teams a 1:00 minute timer to come up with as many…    read more 

Youth Ministry Game – Schism

March 12, 2014    
Frank Gil    

Schism is a great Youth Ministry game for groups of at least 8. What is awesome about it is that even the students who prefer to just sit to the side and not participate in active games can have fun with this game, because its not as much about athletic ability as it is about team work. Schism is typically played on a volleyball court with a normal volleyball net and boundaries,…    read more 

Youth Group Game: Moose Moose

February 4, 2014    
Ben Read    

Here is a game we’ve been playing in our ministry for years, and is always a crowd favorite yet requires no materials and nothing to set up. The hardest part of the game is getting students to fully understand it. Moose Moose is played with everyone sitting in a circle. Choose one player to be the moose. The important thing is that this player is not the moose, the seat is the…    read more 

Youth Group Game: Heads Up!

January 29, 2014    
Ben Read    

The other day I stumbled onto a great game that is PERFECT for small groups. We played it at our Leaders party this past week and they all loved it, but I know students will have a blast with it as well. It essentially takes reverse charades and does all the work for you! This is actually a game/app created by the Ellen show, and you can watch a video of how…    read more 

Youth group game: Peanut Butter Pong

January 22, 2014    
Ben Read    

This is a really easy game to play and fairly easy to set up. You’ll just need a cheap loaf of bread and jar of peanut butter. The way we play is with two teams going against each other, and this requires twenty slices of bread with peanut butter spread on them. You could play one player at a time with a race against the clock which would only need 10 slices…    read more