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6 tips for hosting a Youth Ministry Nerf Wars event

March 3, 2016    
Ben Read    

This past week, we had a special event at both our Jr. High and High School services that is nothing new. ¬†We did a Nerf night. Our format was a 3-on-3 tournament for our Jr. High and a 5-on-5 tournament for our High School. Honestly, I thought “Well of course the Jr. Highers are going to love this, but not sure about our Sr. Highers” to the point that I almost canceled…    read more 

Blowing up Pumpkins for Halloween

October 5, 2015    
Ben Read    
blowing up a pumpkin safely

Last week, Frank Gil and I were brainstorming ideas for our upcoming Halloween Harvest Parties with our Youth Groups, and got to talking about an idea that we felt other Youth Groups would love. So we tried it out to see how long it took, what would be needed, and how messy. You can watch it in the video below. As you see, we used 195 rubber bands before it exploded. We…    read more 

Youth Ministry Color Wars

June 2, 2015    
Ben Read    
student ministry color wars youth group

IDEAS FOR A YOUTH GROUP PAINT POWDER PARTY. We recently did a Color Wars event with Oneighty Students, and it was a complete blast despite the weather being FAR less than ideal (a 60-degree rainy day surrounded by beautiful, sunny 85-degree days all around). The last few weeks, the YouthMin.org Facebook Community has been inundated with Color Wars event questions, so since we had all the information, we figured we would just…    read more