C.S. Lewis shares his thoughts on Masturbation

C.S. Lewis is a man who’s writings have had a profound impact on my life. It was after seeing a one-man play of “C.S. Lewis live on stage” many years ago that my love for reading returned with vengeance after my apathetic High School years, and I’ve been a collector of his books and writings since. Recently, I read part of a quote of his from one of his letters that comprise…    read more 

Where’s Your Zone?

November 11, 2014    
Brent Aiken    

I don’t think I have ever spoken to a Youth Pastor before without somehow or another moving the conversation to curriculum and event planning. I, for one, absolutely love writing my own curriculum. I love the freedom it gives me to cover the topic that I choose and address it in the manner that I like. Writing curriculum challenges me to push myself and my understanding of God even when I feel farthest…    read more 

Tips for Having “The Talk” With Your Students

This Fall, our student ministry tackled the “gods at war” series from Kyle Idleman. The series identifies false gods that war for our affection. From the moment we chose the series, I circled the date on my calendar when I would be teaching on the “gods of love, sex, and romance.” Every youth minister knows the sweaty palms and the lump in the throat that come along with speaking to students about…    read more 

What is Spiritual Formation in Youth Ministry?

July 9, 2014    
Ben Read    

In a recent post, I discussed the current lack of spiritual formation occurring in student ministries. The average student ministry engine is running good with bigger and better events while the hook of church consumerism sets deeper into our students’ throats. No, I am not anti-fun or even anti-event, rather I believe we need a change in emphasis and focus. I am calling for student pastors to center their ministry cycle on the process of…    read more 

Staying Spiritually Alert during the Summer

June 18, 2014    
Ben Read    

For many, once school ends, the discipline and study that goes along with it ends as well. But what about our spiritual lives? Transitioning to a new season, rhythm and flow of life often unsettles spiritual disciplines and routines. With the summer upon us, may I suggest a few things to help continue spiritual growth throughout the summer? Start Now! Summer brings a sense of fun and freedom that the rest of…    read more 

Attracting Students to Youth Ministry

May 12, 2014    
Ben Read    

Doing Ministry just outside of Boston is often just how you’d imagine it would be. I’ve often joked with my wife that sometimes I wish I could be a Youth Pastor in someplace like Michigan or Arkansas, where you just announce the time of Youth Group and kids show up, because they know what Youth Group is (No offense to those of you in those two states, I know it’s a wild…    read more 

3 easy ways your Youth Ministry can have a greater impact in the lives of Students

May 5, 2014    
Ben Read    

Whether you saw 5000 teens attend your student ministry last year, or you barely averaged 5 (including yourself, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,) every Youth Pastor in any context wants to grow the impact their ministry has, hopefully because of one reason: to see Jesus change students lives. I’m preparing a few training items for our team, and wanted to share a few things we really want to focus on this…    read more 

Intern 101: After the Internship

My first two posts in this series highlighted the importance of hiring the right person for your internship and making the most of the internship experience while the intern is with you.  This last post in the series deals with the most overlooked portion of the internship experience, namely how to encourage and mentor your intern AFTER the internship is over. While the lack of proximity makes this the most difficult portion…    read more 

Intern 101: During the Internship

In my previous post, I pointed out how important the process of hiring an intern can be.  By working hard on the front end and hiring someone who is on board with your philosophy of ministry and works well with your personality, you can be relatively certain of a successful internship experience.  However, once you’ve hired your intern, it’s important to put together a deliberate and meaningful plan for his or her…    read more 

Intern 101: Hiring an Intern

Mentoring and pouring into an intern can be one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of youth ministry. As I write this post, I find myself preparing for my eight intern during my 13-year tenure at Hazelwood Christian church.  I absolutely love the opportunity to invest in students and future ministry leaders, and I value the friendships that I have forged through internships even to this day. As I have experienced…    read more