Make Countdowns Better

Countdowns are great tools to have in any ministry. They offer a definitive transition for students, and it lets our entire ministry know that SERVICE IS STARTING SOON!  We’ve done all sorts of countdowns; we’ve done your standard clock on a motion back countdown, we’ve done the fun-fact countdowns, and we’ve done montage countdowns with youtube footage of people either doing something awesome or failing miserably. We’ve done it all. Countdowns get…    read more 

Why Your Students Shouldn't Have Their Cell Phones During Youth Group

May 13, 2013    
Ben Read    

Jeremy and I decided to write articles today about the two options Youth Groups face when it comes to cell phones at church.  I loved writing my article after his so that I could read what he said and formulate my argument based on his post. I count myself as one who loves phones; my iPhone’s charge never lasts a full day because I use my phone just that much. I’m borderline-addicted…    read more 

6 Ways to Have a Great Vacation

In my last post, I discussed three ways you can fight off the “Summertime Blues.”  I’m currently dealing with the blues, but this time around I was smart and planned ahead to take a vacation, which starts next week! I’m really excited about this; and of course, I’m making all the preparations for everything to run without me while I’m gone. At the same time, I’m also preparing myself for vacation. One…    read more 

Arminianism and Youth Ministry

September 5, 2012    
Keith Parker    

[To see the companion post that goes with this article and presents a different viewpoint, visit: Calvinism and Student Ministry] My fellow contributor Frank Gil hit the nail on the head when he wrote, “What you believe about how Christ saves his people will affect how you worship and live.”  He springboards from there and shares how his view of God, particularly Calvinism, has shaped his ministry from top to bottom….    read more 

Calvinism and Student Ministry

September 5, 2012    
Frank Gil    

[To see the companion post that goes with this article and presents a different viewpoint, visit: Arminianism and Student Ministry ] UGH! I know, right! Calvinism?! Don’t bring that up on a youth ministry site. Keep that to yourself while you read a John Piper book or something. Youth Ministry can not be partial to a particular soteriology! But why? This is completely my opinion and I know that there are all kinds of denominations…    read more