The Inner Battle: Balancing Family and Ministry

September 15, 2015    
Keith Parker    
inner battle youth ministry

“Daddy!” My 5-year old boy Matthew came running, arms wide open, plowing into my legs at Mach 3 to welcome me home for the evening. He had experienced his first day of kindergarten, and was eager to tell me about all the amazing things he had done and new friends he had made. Sounds like a perfect picture, right? Unfortunately, it wasn’t, because as I had pulled into the driveway, a parent…    read more 

Parent Meeting Agenda

September 7, 2015    
Keith Parker    
parent meeting agenda

At HCCYM, we meet with parents a few times a year, typically at the start of a new semester, to go over the information for the upcoming months of activities, lessons, and regular programs.  We typically do these short meetings after church in our youth area, which allows families to stay after church instead of making a special trip.  These are short meetings, but an important way to connect with parents and…    read more 

Small Group Leaders Meeting Agenda

September 3, 2015    
Ben Read    
what to talk about with youth ministry small group leaders

We just had a great meeting with our Small Group Leaders to kick off the school year. I know a lot of times Youth Pastors find it greatly helpful to see what other ministries are doing in their meetings, in order to make their own better, so I thought I’d share our team agenda with you. This isn’t what we talk about every time we meet, but this being the first meeting…    read more 

You don’t have to look at porn

September 1, 2015    
Ben Read    
overcoming porn struggle

There have already been a number of articles out about the Ashley Madison hack and the number of pastors on that list, and I don’t want to just write on how great of a shame that is. It’s a shame the number of men and women in our world who struggle with this sin.  It’s a shame that many men and women won’t be forced to deal with it because they aren’t…    read more 

This Is What We Did Last Night – BIG NEWS!

August 27, 2015    
Frank Gil    

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Replay App Review

Replay App Review

Youth pastors are expected to have a lot of different skills in a lot of different areas. This can be extremely draining for the youth pastor who is required to work in areas they are not gifted in and can steal your time away from areas where they are most effective. This is when technology comes in. Effectively using technology can allow you to succeed in areas where you don’t typically excel. Here…    read more 

This Is What We Did Last Night – 8.20.15

August 20, 2015    
Frank Gil    

Check out all my resources. The YouthMin Playlist Sign up to receive 4 new videos sent to your inbox each week! Game: Peeta or Proverbs Movie Mash Up Worship: This Is Amazing Grace Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) The Only Name (Yours Will Be) Nothing But The Blood (Citizen Way Version) Lord I Need You We Believe Message – Luke 15 – The Prodigal Son Concert: Citizen Way (Check Them Out) Nothing…    read more 

This Is What We Did Last Night – 8.13.15

August 13, 2015    
Frank Gil    

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Microwave vs Crockpot Youth Ministry

July 20, 2015    
Frank Gil    

My wife is a vegetarian. I am still praying that sanctification will fix that. We have been married for over 6 years now and we still don’t know how to go grocery shopping. What ends up happening usually is me buying tons of frozen food with an occasional steak or package of chicken for when I feel like cooking. Like many married couples, when we got married we got a crockpot as a…    read more