Get the Parents and Leaders in the Same Room

December 8, 2011    
Josh Read    

For the last five years or so, our church has embraced the idea that we, as a church, need to partner with parents in order to make a lasting spiritual impact on kids and students. But since our middle school ministry sees about 350 kids every Sunday (with around 500 students who attend either weekly or bi-weekly), we were a little stuck on how to actually put that idea into practice. While we loved…    read more 

Two truths and a lie in Youth Ministry

December 6, 2011    
Ben Read    

Most likely, you have played this game at one point or another in Youth Ministry, either while you yourself were a student or now that you are a leader. For those who haven’t, the way you play the game is that you go around the circle and each person tells three facts about themselves, two truths and one lie, and then the rest of the group must decide which of the three…    read more 

Middle School Ministry: A Comprehensive Guide to working with Early Adolescents

December 3, 2011    
Ben Read    

Recently, I read through a simply phenomenal book, a “must read” for every Youth Worker who has any interaction with Middle Schoolers. I can’t speak highly enough about this book as the information covered is absolutely top notch and presented in such an amazingly educational way. I have always been a huge proponent of being a Life Long Learner and would argue that it is incredibly easy to get into a rut where…    read more 

5 Essentials In Ministry: Faithful Bible Teaching

December 1, 2011    
Jeremy Smith    

Youth ministry has the reputation of being a hangout spot where we do silly and gross games, drink lots of Mountain Dew, and coach high school and middle school sports. This is a far cry from the calling that I received from God to build up the Church through the unheard, underappreciated, and next great generation that will change the world. Are we giving off the wrong image or are people making…    read more 

5 Essentials In Student Ministry: Widespread Prayer

November 27, 2011    
Jeremy Smith    

  The 2011-2012 school year is officially in full swing and so is USAFA Club Beyond with college football games, club programming, small groups, student leadership, and volunteer training. As we step into this new year, we are going to be approaching ministry a little differently and I would love your help. The first of Youth for Christ’s 5 Essentials that we evaluate ministry by is Widespread Prayer. YFC describes it as:…    read more 

Are you challenging your students to make a Commitment?

November 20, 2011    
Ben Read    

I’ve been struggling with this thought since last night, and granted, I was asleep for 8 of those hours, so its not that much time. But something bothered me last night and bothered me again this morning, so I figured it was worth looking into. Our Youth Ministry has more than tripled in the 17 months since I got here. We have seen a lot of students come into our ministry, some…    read more