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13 Reasons to NOT Recommend 13 Reasons Why

WHAT IS IT? There is a good chance you have never heard of the Netflix series called “13 Reasons Why,” but if you work closely with teenagers at all then you probably have already started watching it. 13 Reasons Why is a Netflix series based on the 2007 Young Adult Fiction book sharing the same title. The book and Netflix series follows Clay Jensen as he uncovers why his friend, Hannah, committed…    read more 

Leading Change without losing it by Carey Nieuwhof | Book Review

December 17, 2012    
Ben Read    

Carey Nieuwhof is writing a Trilogy of books on Change for Church Leaders, and recently I got to read the first one, Leading Change Without Losing It . If you’re involved in Youth Ministry in any way, I think this book is well worth the $5 it costs on amazon, and here is why: I believe the frustrations that come from working toward Change have claimed too many good youth workers from the…    read more