Planning a Mission Trip: Devil's in the Details

Let’s face it, youth ministers aren’t always known as the best planners. Sometimes, we do a great job of casting the overall vision of our ministry while neglecting the smaller details. A mission trip is not the time to miss the small stuff. Sometimes, missing a minor detail can result in major problems. As you set the wheels in motion for your next mission trip, here are some steps you can take…    read more 

Planning a Mission Trip: Picking the Team

April 11, 2013    
Keith Parker    

Once you have the location picked out and the budget set, the next step is to get the team you want in place. This can be a crucial part of the mission trip planning process. These will be the people that your students will interact with, work with, and learn from throughout the week, so choose wisely. Here are some practical things to think through as you set your team for your…    read more 

Planning a Mission Trip: Setting the Budget

April 6, 2013    
Keith Parker    

After you have picked the perfect location for your mission trip, the next thing you need to do is to figure out the financial part.  Setting the budget can be one of the most important steps in this process, because a few errors or oversights can mean thousands of dollars that your budget wasn’t expecting.  Since there are so many things to consider when it comes to finances, let me just share…    read more 

Make the Most of Every Opportunity

October 3, 2012    
Keith Parker    

Ephesians 5:16 is one of my favorite life verses, as it reminds us to “make the most of every opportunity.”  What a great reminder to always be vigilant with our time and our efforts for the Kingdom. But I think there is great wisdom to glean from this verse in terms of our Youth Ministries as well.  We all know the scariest truth about Youth Ministry – that we, at the absolute…    read more 

The Myth That Can Kill Your Ministry

September 25, 2012    
Keith Parker    

There is an epidemic in Youth Ministry that needs to be addressed.  A myth exists that is misleading and undermining potential Youth Leaders in our churches and Bible colleges.  I’ve witnessed it firsthand as I’ve seen fellow Youth Ministers move from one church to another before the paint even dried in their new home.  I’ve heard it in the voices of potential interns from our colleges.  And, from time to time, I’ve…    read more 

Arminianism and Youth Ministry

September 5, 2012    
Keith Parker    

[To see the companion post that goes with this article and presents a different viewpoint, visit: Calvinism and Student Ministry] My fellow contributor Frank Gil hit the nail on the head when he wrote, “What you believe about how Christ saves his people will affect how you worship and live.”  He springboards from there and shares how his view of God, particularly Calvinism, has shaped his ministry from top to bottom….    read more 

The Skinny on Students in Adult Worship

March 21, 2012    
Josh Read    

  For years, I’ve heard pastors, parents, and church goers directly or indirectly talk down forms of youth ministry that don’t include combining parents and students on Sunday morning. The argument is that students need to be around adults for intergenerational relationship development. While this CAN be true, I tend to think it’s a dream we believe but that doesn’t really translate into reality. I want to take a moment and really…    read more