Nick Farr

20 Things I’ve learned in Student Ministry

August 29, 2017     Nick Farr    

1. One leadership style isn’t effective for everyone. We’ve got to be willing to change it up depending on the person. 2. Form a parent leadership team. Ministry staff alone can’t be your only sounding board. 3. Over communicate. When you think you have, communicate more. 4. Gentleness and grace should be evident to all (Philippians 4). 5. Ask one or two trusted people to critique your messages (or even handpick a…    read more 

The Best Kept Secret of Youth Ministry

June 12, 2017     Nick Farr    

Let me tell you about one of the best-kept secrets of youth ministry: share the wealth. Time and time again I see youth pastors hoarding all of the authority and decision making skills in their ministries. I believe that this happens for a couple of different reasons. When I was starting out in youth ministry, I felt like I had to have all of the answers. I was the “leader, ” and…    read more 

Help! I’ve Inherited a Team

December 16, 2014     Nick Farr    

So, you’ve started a new ministry . . . How do you deal with previous job descriptions and expectations? Put another way, how do you get your new team to start functioning the way YOU want them to? Here’s one way of making the transition: 1. Call a meeting of your entire team.  You’ll want to get everyone together for this one. Let them know ahead of time that no one is…    read more 

Streamlining Church Communications

January 23, 2014     Nick Farr    

I was talking to a friend in our Facebook community and he added the title “Church Communications Director” to his title. That got me thinking about my time as a communications director for a global missions organization. If you are in a similar situation, below are some tips that will help your ministry be productive and ensure the highest quality. The list isn’t exhaustive, but it should help. If you have any…    read more 

Fresh Start: Youth Ministry Design Bundle

November 8, 2013     Nick Farr    

The new year is quickly approaching and you might be thinking that your ministry looks a bit drab. Before gutting the entire thing, why don’t you download this great design bundle we put together for you? Even the slightest changes can breathe new life into an old look. For $15 you get access to 16 premium design files: 5 Service Stills (Welcome, Volunteer, Small Group, Lifegroups, and Bible Study) 2014 Spring Calendar…    read more 

A New way to think about Parent Ministry

October 3, 2013     Nick Farr just launched today! You would not believe the amount you get with this resource, and this week, they are making that deal even sweeter with a ton of great giveaways! – Ben Read Go to any children’s or student ministry conference today, and you’ll hear speakers hit the stage and talk about the idea of your ministry investing in families. Processing how to impact kids more effectively and then figuring out the…    read more 

Fun days are essential to your Youth Group mission trip

June 14, 2013     Nick Farr    

Are you going on a mission trip this summer? Don’t forget to plan the fun day! A lot of people think that if you go on a mission trip, you are forbidden to have fun. Fun can only come in the shape of laughing while doing some hard work, sweating, and getting dirty. When you talk about having a “fun day,” it’s easy to think that the mission trip is not has…    read more 

Leadership Tips: Prevent Micromanagement

May 27, 2013     Nick Farr    

Do you feel like your leader or church leadership is micromanaging you? I’ve been there and it’s one of my biggest pet peeves. I know that when I’ve been micromanaged, my first response it to blame it on the other guy. I say things like “He’s a bad leader” and “She has trust issues.” Before we blame it on the rain anymore than we already have, let’s look at two main reasons…    read more 

What if Youth Ministry was different?

March 4, 2013     Nick Farr    

What if… we stopped talking about what youth ministry does wrong and started looking at what we do wrong? Matthew 12:33-37 What if… we withheld judgement of this or that youth pastor’s motives and asked the Holy Spirit to reveal ours? Matthew 7:1-5, Romans 2:1-3 What if… we got off our soapbox and starting fixing the problem we moan about? James 3:10, James 4:1-7 What if… we stopped self-promoting and focused our…    read more 

Straight Talk: Your first year in Youth Ministry

January 19, 2013     Nick Farr    

Straight Talk is a series designed to highlight some of the most crucial elements of youth ministry that are rarely discussed. While some may not agree with me, I hope that each of you are open to learning about these topics. If you don’t agree…I’m ok with that! Let’s talk!  Youth Ministry is serious business. Frankly, I don’t care whether you are a “lifer” or “stepping stone” kind of man/woman. Your calling…    read more