Jeremy Smith

15 Places To Find Volunteers For Ministry

June 18, 2018     Jeremy Smith    

  Working with a military youth ministry, we have families that are coming and going onto this base all the time. That means I need to hold on to my volunteers loosely and always be ready to lose a few volunteers if they have to move on. This means that I am getting good at giving the pitch to potential volunteers, communicating the need to them, and having a surplus of volunteers…    read more 

Relational Ministry after Easter

At this point, you are probably pushing into your second meeting on how your church will be running this Easter.  As a youth worker, you might have a bigger stake in the Sunday service and many churches I know treat that Sunday as a family or big church service. Let’s be honest, this might be your only shot for the next six months at several families that only come on Easter and…    read more 

Take Part In The Survey

February 13, 2014     Jeremy Smith    

A generalized view of youth ministry will review that youth workers are nearly expected to use social media for their ministry. We have all these expectations from senior pastors, what other ministries are doing, and wanting to reach as many students as possible with a deep Gospel. The problem is that there is no direct data to support the fact that social media is a necessity. We can see how they might…    read more 

How Do You Have Time To Post On Social Media?

February 11, 2014     Jeremy Smith    

If you look at my church’s social media feed on our ministry’s Facebook and Twitter account, you might wonder how I have the time to post social media while still doing ministry at the same time. It takes time to come up with ideas, construct the post, schedule it out, reply to comments, see what posts works so that I am coming up with the best content we can be sharing on…    read more 

4 Ways To Support Parents As Youth Workers

November 18, 2013     Jeremy Smith    

One of the most common misconceptions with youth workers is that our job is to exclusively work with teenagers. The reality is that there are so many other people that we need to integrate into our ministry including school teachers, sports coaches, and the community. Of all the people you need to be interacting with outside of teenagers, their parents and families should be at the top of your list. How are…    read more 

How to Respond to Social Media Criticism Towards Your Ministry

October 29, 2013     Jeremy Smith    

For the past three months, I have been working at the headquarters of Youth for Christ as their Social Media Specialist to learn how to better engage people with social media and blogging at a local and national level as we work to improve engaging with teenagers and the whole community to share the Gospel alongside the church. One of the first missions I had for the position is to put together…    read more 

Making SYATP Mandatory

September 25, 2013     Jeremy Smith    

I tell my students that they must go to the See You At The Pole. It’s a mandatory step. Let me back up for a second. See you at the pole is a student led initiative where high school students go 15-30 minutes before school starts to the flag pole on campus. The student then individually or corporately pray for the school and its occupants, the community and the churches that have…    read more 

Utilizing Google+ Hangouts in Youth Ministry

May 27, 2013     Jeremy Smith    

Social media is one of the best tools at a youth worker’s disposal for reaching students in a whole new medium of communication. Google+ is a new social network on the block that has not gained as much speed as Facebook currently has; but it is an amazing network that has so much potential that is nearly untapped by many ministries, specifically Google+ Hangouts. We want to share with you a couple…    read more 

Should Youth Groups allow students to use their phones?

May 13, 2013     Jeremy Smith    

This is a topic that seems to get asked about quite a bit by Youth Pastors, especially in our Facebook Group (of nearly 700+). So we decided to have two of our contributors who use technology quite a bit to weigh in on why your students should or shouldn’t use their phones, and tried to steer clear of some of the typical answers. Read Jeremy Smith’s thoughts on why Youth Groups should…    read more