Heather Campbell

Essential Time Management

About a month ago I read an article by Carey Nieuwhof to his “younger self” in ministry about how to live and lead better.  As a young leader myself, I ate up the article and have read it weekly. One point that resonated with me was #10: Focus on productivity, and not just effort” Sometimes we brag about how we worked a “60-hour workweek,” but let’s be honest: what did we really accomplish? Why…    read more 

Changing the Standard of Youth Ministry

February 24, 2014     Heather Campbell    

One of the things that drives the site managers and contributors at YouthMin.Org is the idea that the standard of ministry that many youth workers hold to needs to change.  And we know we are not alone: There are countless articles out there talking about nixing youth ministry as a whole; their arguments include but are not limited to: youth ministry isn’t fitting the needs of our culture anymore, it isn’t growing…    read more 

Talking Points for Pretty Little Liars

February 10, 2014     Heather Campbell    

I know my students watch “Pretty Little Liars.” Here’s a secret: I do too. I don’t WANT them to watch it. I think it’s too mature in content for them.  I think parts of the show are trash and it irritates me, yet I watch it.  I don’t advertise that I do it, but I do it. But what happens when a student tells me that they love that show?  Personally, I’m…    read more 

3 Things To Do When Your Numbers Are Low

January 22, 2014     Heather Campbell    

We all deal with it this time of year–our numbers are LOW. It usually happens around the holidays, but it can also happen during Spring Break, Summer vacation… or just a random Sunday.  What do you do when your group is down? Be creative. You know those fantastic ideas that wouldn’t work for a large group, but could work for a much smaller group? Do it! Use the time to do some…    read more 

Distinguishing Youth Group from Other Groups

November 14, 2013     Heather Campbell    

A recent profile was done by The Associated Press on the rise of “Atheist Mega Churches” in the United States. These churches look exactly like most church services do–there is singing, community, and an inspirational message. The only thing that makes them different is that the message doesn’t contain God. I must admit; as I read this article, I couldn’t help but shake my head.  The thing is, I can think of a lot of church experiences…    read more 

12 Last-Minute Youth Ministry Ideas for Autumn

October 24, 2013     Heather Campbell    

Subtitle: WHY FALL IS THE BEST TIME FOR STUDENT MINISTRY. ha! I LOVE the autumn season.  You would probably expect that from a female such as myself, because Fall = cardigans + scarves + PSL (pumpkin spice lattes). But Fall is also FULL of great opportunities for student ministry.  Here are some quick, easy, and CHEAP options for your fall calendar. I was rather brief, so if you’d like more ideas, hit…    read more 

Called…even in transition

September 20, 2013     Heather Campbell    

I resigned from my church a little over a year ago, on a conviction to move back to St. Louis and take care of some family matters.  It was tough.  I assumed that because God was calling me to do this, He would open up a church position for me in no time.  But after 100s of resumes and 3 months unemployed, I accepted a different position at a ministry group home…    read more 

Another Article About Miley Cyrus

September 10, 2013     Heather Campbell    

In an interview with Sunday People, Miley Cyrus said, “I have so many f**king issues.  I am so f**ked up -– everyone does dumb stuff when they are messed up.” If you keep up with the news in any sort of fashion, you know–at least, on the surface–what is going on with Miley. Some say that she’s a mess and that we can’t let our children around her.  Others say that her behavior…    read more 

Cut the Crap: Get Transparent

When I went to the Simply Youth Ministry Conference in March, I was stoked.  One of the biggest blessings that I had was being able to meet so many people that I have networked with over the last three years in the blogosphere.  I had some really encouraging and hilarious conversations with many people who have a decade more experience and eons more wisdom than I. One thing that showed up in…    read more 

4 Easy Ways to Build Rapport with Your Senior Pastor #LeadingUp

As a part of YouthMin’s Leading Up series this month, I feel that one of the most important things that you can do to get your supervisor/senior pastor to be willing to learn from you, and in turn, be “led” by you, is to create a great rapport. Show them your life. Invite them over to your house for dinner with your crazy family, or invite your family over to their house!…    read more