Brian Lucas

A Midsummer Night’s Discipleship Tips

July 6, 2015     Brian Lucas    
Discipleship Summer Youth Ministry

Help, it’s halfway through summer and I don’t know what I’m gonna do!!! If that’s you, here are some thoughts on going deeper with students through summer. Remember: disciples must follow. Summer is a great time to dig into discipleship, but remember, with any personal or spiritual growth that happens, you have to let them do their own work. With discipleship, this means they have to be doing the work of allowing…    read more 

Slow Down Your Leadership

March 2, 2015     Brian Lucas    

There’s an old African proverb that says, “alone we go fast, together we go far.” You might get things done quickly, but if you’re not giving away leadership to willing and awesome leaders on your team, you’ll find that the only place you’re headed is burnout. And you’ll get there real fast. Try these three tips for SHARING your leadership to make your ministry run better and go farther: 1. Share your…    read more 

Why We Do Gross Games in Youth Group

February 7, 2015     Brian Lucas    

Pickled pigs feet. Blended Happy Meals. Live goldfish?!? While this list sounds like it comes from an episode of Fear Factor, these are all things I’ve seen (or at least heard about) students eat during youth group games. And I’m OK with that, under certain circumstances. (BTW, this post is written as a counterpoint and alternative view to Keith Parker’s “Why We Don’t Do Gross Games in Youth Group” also on this site. I…    read more 

Evaluating: Why It’s Crucial For Youth Ministry

February 18, 2014     Brian Lucas    

How’s your ministry going? Good? or maybe not so good? Why? What’s going well? What are you doing right, and what is God doing that’s really bringing great things into your ministry? What’s not going well? Why is that? If this feels very uncomfortable or new to you, you may be suffering from a condition known as Lackickus Evaluatius, or more commonly: lack of evaluation. If you are not regularly evaluating your ministry and…    read more 

How To Serve Bad Leaders

September 1, 2013     Brian Lucas    

We’ve all been there at some time. You may not admit it with the words of the title of this article, but you’ve complained enough about them: bad leaders. Bad leaders come in all different varieties: The Micro-Manager, The Blame-Shifter, The Tyrant, The Vague Communicatior, The One Track Mind, add yours here… At one time, maybe more than once, you have served a bad leader. We’ve been talking this past month about…    read more 

Youth Pastor Leadership tips from Dora the Explorer

June 20, 2013     Brian Lucas    

I often find myself critiquing the shows my kids (twin toddlers) watch: “really? They couldn’t find the ball because it is behind them?” “Awesome, just be yourself and you will get everything you ever wanted.” And so on. You know what I never thought I’d say while watching kids’ shows? ” Dora the Explorer would make a great youth pastor!” Dora is a great leader! This show uses so many of the…    read more 

Is It Pruning Time?

June 5, 2013     Brian Lucas    

This morning my wife mentioned she was going to trim our rose bush in the front yard and bring some of the blooms inside to put in a vase. I asked, “Why not just leave them on the bush so they look awesome in front of the house?” Her explanation blew my mind just a bit: “I have to cut away some of the full blossoms, and any dead or dying ones,…    read more