Ben Read

5 fresh themes for Youth Ministry Halloween parties

September 20, 2018     Ben Read    
youth ministry halloween ideas

With Halloween falling on a Wednesday this year, we know many Youth Groups are looking for something to do with the night being a Youth Group night. Whatever your views about halloween, providing a safe and fun place for students to dress up can be used for good. We know one of the biggest concerns of some churches is students dressing up in non-appropriate costumes. One thing we have learned that helps…    read more 

Investing in Youth Ministry Volunteers during Fall Kick off

August 13, 2018     Ben Read    

NOTE: This one is from the archives (August 6, 2012) It’s a busy season for us in Boston. Our Youth Ministry is still a few weeks away from launching for the fall, and we are in the midst of heavy planning of sermons for now through may, small group curriculum writing, event planning, and much more. It’s supposed to still be “Vacation” but I know I’ll be in need of one as…    read more 

3 ways to help welcome incoming elementary students to Youth Group

May 30, 2018     Ben Read    
the transition from kids ministry to youth group

Hopefully at this point in the year, you’ve already done something to communicate with Parents of students who will soon be moving from your church’s elementary ministry to your youth ministry. For many of in our community, we’ve got a hand in both ministries, so it feels like the transition might be negligible. But if you’ve had kids of your own make this transition, you’ve probably seen that no matter what, this…    read more 

Three things to ensure you leave a ministry well

May 29, 2018     Ben Read    

One of the hardest things to do as a Youth Pastor is to leave a Youth Ministry. I don’t think I have ever met a Youth Pastor who left a church because of the students he/she pastored.  It’s always for another reason, and after spending a significant time pastoring students, leaving is extremely tough to do. We like to think we made a significant impact in their lives, and we know that…    read more 

Jedi Duel

April 30, 2018     Ben Read    
youth ministry game star wars

This is a fun game that every group I’ve played it with has loved. I will admit, it can sound like it borders the line between stupid and safe, but whenever we’ve played it, we’ve been as safe as possible, and you need to be as well. First thing first, we bought brand new baseball helmets with cages on them for this game. That’s gotta be stated right at the onset. The…    read more 

Star Wars game Jedi Training

April 30, 2018     Ben Read    
youth ministry star wars

Here’s a fun and simple game we always play at youth group around May the fourth! It’s pretty easy and is a ton of fun to watch. The basic premise is we’ll have two players on stage competing against each other, each of these players will be blindfolded and given a nerf lightsaber. Other students will throw foam balls towards the players, who must use the force to knock them away. After…    read more 

Student Ministry end of year banquet

April 19, 2018     Ben Read    
youth group end of year banquet ideas

A tradition I picked up from one of the churches I served at was holding an end of year banquet for our student ministry. It’s always a huge way to win with families and we have been able to use it to accomplish a few different purposes. Our end of year banquet serves as a great way to send off Seniors, as we hold it close to graduation time, and though seniors…    read more 

We’re better together #OC18

December 11, 2017     Ben Read    
youth ministry conference

I can’t believe it’s going to be 2018 soon, and writing that title with #OC18 was a bit surreal as I remember writing blog posts for #OC11, back when hashtags we’re a very different thing. The 2018 Orange Conference is coming up soon and there is no better time to sign up than right now. In fact, if you sign up by December 14, you can save $70 per person AND get…    read more 

Waffle Things

November 13, 2017     Ben Read    
stranger things game

I Loved this game idea submitted by Jon D Forrest in the Facebook group, and I wanted to share it here so that it would live longer than just on Facebook. Jon uploaded a video of a student tossing in a waffle from about 10 feet away and said “Goodwill toaster-$3.99. Frozen waffles-$1.50. SLO-mo video-priceless.” Seems simple enough to come up with different variations, but if you’ve got a stranger things…    read more 

3 things to remember when recruiting volunteers for your ministry

August 23, 2017     Ben Read    
attracting leaders for your ministry

It seems like a million years ago, but once upon a time I remember nearly tripling the amount of small group leaders in our student ministry over the course of 8 weeks. It was an incredible experience, and an incredible time in our ministry. How we did it was actually fairly simple; a clear vision for why we needed so many new volunteers, a clear recruitment process with me and my team,…    read more