Who is YouthMin.org?

YouthMin.org was co-founded by Ben Read and Nick Farr in 2011. Before YouthMin.org, the price of ministry resources was VERY EXPENSIVE! A typical youth ministry had subscriptions to Interlinc (boy did we wait for the box each month!), bought curriculum from a book store, and spent a lot of money on everyday resources. While we realize everyone has to make a living, we were passionate about bringing down the cost of youth ministry specific resources.

We also noticed that big-name ministry celebrities were driving youth ministry trends all over North America. While that’s not bad within itself, we each knew of youth pastors that were everyday extraordinary but didn’t work at a church with a massive budget or platform. We asked ourselves, “What about the everyday ministry leader? Can we connect those ministry leaders with other ministry leaders all over the world? Can we learn from each other as equals instead of experts?”

Armed with these two concepts, YouthMin.org was founded. Shortly after our website launched, Nick was passionate about forums (remember those? haha). However, Facebook was just getting into groups, and YouthMin.org, the Facebook group, was launched. At the time, all of the ministry groups out there were flooded with self-promotion posts (hire me to speak at your camp, buy my resource, read my blog, etc.). Actual conversations were taking a back seat. That’s why YouthMin.org’s Facebook group led the way with a self-promotion ban. We’re thankful that others followed us, and the conversation was elevated. Now with over 11,000 youth ministry leaders from all over the world, our Facebook group is thriving!

We’ve come a long way, tried a lot of things, but one thing remains the same. We are for the local pastor! Ben and Nick don’t seek celebrity. They don’t take a salary from YouthMin.org, and our small profit margins pay for site hosting and services like MailChimp. The site also gives a pretty high vendor commission percentage because we recognize that youth ministry isn’t the highest paying job in the world, and most of us are doing more than one job. YouthMin.org also has a ministry leadership team that helps administrate the blog, store, Facebook group, and more. All the while, every one of us is still in full-time ministry. We are in the trenches with you every day, and so we get the balance of ministry, family, and side hustle.

Throughout the years, our mission remains the same. Provide quality resources at a low price and give the everyday ministry leader a voice.

Thank you for trusting YouthMin.org and doing ministry alongside us!

Fun Note: Ben and Nick have never met in person. They’ve only met through video chat. Regardless, they’re still internet best friends!

Our Team

YouthMin.org Leadership is made up of 5 full-time pastors serving all over the United States.