FREE Graduation Slideshow Template PSD

in Coaching on May 23, 2020by Keith Parker

Ahhhh, the yearly graduation slideshow. Very few aspects of ministry give me a broader array of emotions than the grad slideshow. I am always excited to see the photos and reminisce about great memories with these students. I’m also sad on that they are moving on to new chapters and new adventures. I’m eager to plug them in to our young adult ministry (for more on this, read Nick’s post HERE). I’m also nervous that I’m somehow going to miss one of the photos and mistakenly upset a grad and their parents. And I’m also bummed seeing some of the photos come across my email of students who were once deeply connected to our ministries, but for whatever reason unplugged.

But this truth remains – the Graduation Slideshow and other elements of your service CAN be a great way to honor and encourage graduating seniors and strengthen the bond between them and the local church. With this in mind, I always want to do a good job with the slideshow.

In the past couple years, I’ve started creating a Photoshop template with multiple colors that I could change out to represent each school’s colors. This gives a personal flavor to the slideshow and also some much needed variety to an otherwise monotonous video.

Below, you can see the full video we created with about 70 graduates (HS and college), and you can download the PSD Template for your own use by clicking HERE). Happy Grad Honoring!

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