Youth Group game – Infinity War

This game comes from a submission on the facebook community, and we love the idea of it! Had to share it here for easy access for future reference. Thanks to BJ Hyatt leads the youth ministry at North Main Street Church of God, and we’re super thankful for him sharing this brilliant idea!

With all of the Avengers themed games I have been seeing, I decided to try to piece some things together to create yet another variant…let me know your thoughts!

Infinity War
2 Teams (Avengers and the Black Order)
Stones are colored flags/bandanas hanging from belt
Thanos starts with power and space stone
Avengers start with other 4 (in different corners of room)
Object: collect (steal) all stones and have either Thanos or a designated Avenger snap

Each team runs to steal flags and fight opponent. 

To initiate a “Battle” tag someone and battle (noodle fight)…if you lose, you die and sit.

Each stone has certain powers that it offers its owner.
Time: can revive a fallen teammate
Reality: can pick a fight with whoever without tagging
Power: Automatically wins battles
Space: can opt out of a battle if tagged
Soul: Cannot be stolen during a battle
Mind: Cannot be tagged (phase ability)

stealing flags and battles are different things…and flags can be stolen during a battle (mind stone aside)
Flags can be passed from person to person within a team one at a time.
thoughts appreciated!

free youth group game outdoor
you can use this image on your screens for the game

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