Make the most of Summer

It can be so easy to slip into a lull in the summer. For most ministries, the School year is the real weight of the calendar with a completely different feel to the summer ministry. Even if you don’t change a single thing about your summer programming, it just feels different, doesn’t it? And after such a long haul from September to May, it’s easy to spend a few days taking it easy in the office come June.
That’s great, and rest is definitely needed. But don’t let summer slip by without making the most of it.Here are 3 ways you can make the most of the Summer starting this week:

1 | Do more than just plan ahead

Things will always come up that you can’t predict or plan for during the school year that will throw a wrench in your schedule. But what are things that are in your schedule that you can plan for now?
For me, we like to use social media to carry on the themes of our messages, to share our daily scripture readings or thoughts from the series. It’s one thing for me to know that in September I’m doing a series on the Walking Dead, and it’s great to even know what the theme for each of the 4 weeks will be. But it’s a whole new ball game if I can start making the social media images for that series now, 3 months early, to save myself time then. It’s even better than I can do that for series we will be doing in February and May.

2 | Do some housekeeping in your Youth Space

When was the last time you did a detailed cleaning of your Youth Space? Odds are, it’s been a while (unless you don’t have a space, or it’s shared with adults). Do some routine housekeeping in the Youth Space. More than that, what are things you can change/rearrange to bring a whole new look to the space in the fall? Two thoughts on Youth Spaces I always come back to, 1 – Subway restaurants are required to remodel every 7 years, to change the look of the inside of the store to keep from getting old and boring. I think a great practice in Youth Ministry is to do this every 4 years. Even just a simple coat of paint goes a long way. 2 – Vision trumps all other senses. Does the way your room look communicate visually your mission? I don’t just mean put words on a wall, but the entire layout of the space.

3 | Freshen up the look of things

But aside from simply freshening up the look of things in the youth room, freshen up the things students and families see of your Youth Ministry. This statement may offend some in our community, but Grunge fonts really have no business being printed on anything. I know many people who believe that the way something looks ultimately doesn’t matter, they could fill a 4×6 postcard with a hundred different fonts and Parents aren’t going to care how it looks. Maybe I truly am just really weird and get obsessive over fonts. But I know that when done poorly, graphic design of print materials can take away from the message, and when done excellently, clarifies the message and makes it stick. No one is going to get saved because we spend money on fonts, and no one is going to not get saved because  you keep using comic sans. But, vision trumps all other senses. Don’t damper your communication by letting poor communication get in the way.

fonts to use in church services

So those are three simple ways to make the most of the summer in the office right now. What are things you are working on to improve your ministry to students in the fall?

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