10 Reasons you should grab the Ultimate Youth Ministry bundle for your church

We recently launched our Ultimate Youth Ministry bundle, it’s a collection of some of our favorite new downloads for Youth Ministry from 2018 that we believe will help Youth Pastors a ton.

We know sometimes, you may not be the one who can approve a purchase of this size, so we wanted to give 10 great reasons you can take to your boss to get approval. As one Youth Pastor who purchased it said ”

If money is an issue, beg your leadership for a $100 Christmas gift to the youth ministry. Why? I’ll tell you why. As I’m currently downloading the bundle, I’m realizing just how MASSIVE this bundle is compared to years past. I thought last year’s was substantial – and it was. But this year’s is ridiculous. 

Seriously, MASSIVE is the only word to describe this bundle.
– Terry Bennett, Youth Pastor in South Carolina

Top 10 reasons every youth ministry should grab the Ultimate Youth Ministry bundle:
1. It’s over $1600 of downloadable youth ministry resources for just $99

Seriously, consider that! Many Youth Pastors easily spend $20 a month downloading youth group resources. This is over 6 and a half years of budget for the price of 5 months!

2. Over 130 weeks of teaching content

We’re saving you a ton of time with pre-written messages. If this was the ONLY thing in the bundle, it would still be worth the cost. Even more so because we took all the sermon series in this years bundle and laid them out into 4 unique 12 month plans, so you’re getting a map for four years and the content to fill it in.

3. 30 Done for you T-shirt designs for a number of uses

Most of our team does freelance graphics for ministries, and typically 1 T-shirt design is going to be between $50-$100. These designs are great for youth ministry, but can be used church wide.

4. Over 30 fresh games, worth the cost of the bundle alone

One of the most commonly purchased resources from sites like ours is games for youth ministry. Like with sermons, this bundle could be only the 30 games, and it would still be a 30% savings.

5. 11 word editable calendar templates for 2019, in addition to more that are photoshop files

One issue we had in the past was youth workers were upset that too many of our resources required photoshop to use. We’ve made as much as we can, for this year, either done for you and ready to, or word editable, so that any youth worker with any computer can use the resources.

6. Social media jump start

Maybe you don’t need sermons, but you want to level up your online ministry, then this bundle is a great headstart! We heard feedback from one youth worker that they weren’t sure if they should buy it because they still had so much teaching content from last year. The social media tools included in this bundle alone are worth the $99, so you could think of it as buying a jump start for your online ministry, AND getting a ton of bonus resources.

7. Parent ministry Tools

In the same vein, the included resources and tools for increasing your partnership and ministry with and for parents. From Parent Chats, email templates, and more, you’re making a huge investment into your Parent Ministry with the Ultimate youth ministry bundle.

8. Taking back the 167

Too often, we focus so much of our time on the 1 or 2 hours students are at church. This bundle is full of resources to help you disciple and reach students when they aren’t at church. As we like to say, these tools help you cultivate a real ministry to youth, and not just lead a youth group.

9. Money back guarantee.

If you don’t think you got enough value out of the bundle, we’ll give you your money back! And you know what’s been incredible? We’ve already, in just a week and a half, had almost as many sales as all of last year (we offered it for 6 weeks total). Every youth worker who has downloaded the bundle has had nothing but great things to say (full disclosure, there’s always a few minor hiccups with downloading this many resources. But we’ve been quick to fix any download issues that have arisen).

10. All fresh content, nothing you would have previously bought in one of our big bundles.

These are not recycled resources that you probably already own, these are all new resources that we’ve never included in a bundle like this.

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