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Recently, was invited by facebook to take part in a beta test for groups they are thinking about rolling out, and of course we jumped at the chance!

As we went through the interview process to see if we would be selected, and we got to know about what we could do with this group, we decided to focus on three big aspects that we believe will make it a huge addition of value to you and your ministry.

When you join this group, aka Level Up, you’re getting 3 big things:

  1. Resources galore. The last two months, we’ve given members nearly $300 worth of free resources from, on top of the 40% off members get on any order from
  2. Youth Ministry Incubator. We’re all about trying new ideas, and this group being a much smaller, more intimate group, we’re able to work through ideas together, focused on moving our groups towards greater things. Through live videos, Q+A’s, and biweekly hangouts, there is a greater level of interaction in this group.
  3. Masterclasses. The big training/coaching coming with practical information and tools to work through yourself, these courses help you internalize coaching and wisdom from our team of presenters, with courses already done or rolling out on Improving your relationship with your Sr. Pastor, Programming, Photoshop training, and much, much more to come.

All of this for just $20 a month! Interested in joining? You can find out more info and try a free, 7 day trial right here. 

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