5 fresh themes for Youth Ministry Halloween parties

With Halloween falling on a Wednesday this year, we know many Youth Groups are looking for something to do with the night being a Youth Group night.

Whatever your views about halloween, providing a safe and fun place for students to dress up can be used for good. We know one of the biggest concerns of some churches is students dressing up in non-appropriate costumes. One thing we have learned that helps avoid that issue is giving a good theme for costumes for halloween parties.

With that in mind, here are 5 theme ideas we know will be big hits for youth group halloween parties. Pick one of these and it will help you know how to decorate, what graphics should look like for the event, and other ideas will start to flow from the theme.

1. Memes!

Have students and leaders dress up as popular meme characters, and see how creative they can be. It seems like the last 5 years, I’ve always had at least one student show up as a meme, so having the whole group do it is an easy way to go. Plus, most meme costumes can be created very inexpensively, and the options are endless. You’re invite card could be a meme, and you could come up with a ton of meme related games for the party.

2. Sports

Another easy theme is to simply go with sports. Have students wear jerseys of their favorite teams, and obviously the more complete the jersey the better the outfit.

3. Flannel fest

Flannel Fest’s have been big hits in youth groups as theme nights for the last few years. If you don’t do a flannel night already earlier in fall, than Halloween is a great night to use it for themed costumes.

4. Super hero’s and sidekicks

We did this a few years ago and our students went all out. We focused more on the sidekick element and said it could be any famous duo, so we had everyone from batman and robin to Sherlock and Watson, even Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch.

5. Comic-Con 

Another theme that can cover a multitude of areas, from video games to movies and TV shows. This theme could be fun to go big with for decorations, party passes, on and on. This is a theme we are working on for our youth ministry, so we will see how it goes.

What theme would you add to this list?

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