Star Wars game Jedi Training

Here’s a fun and simple game we always play at youth group around May the fourth! It’s pretty easy and is a ton of fun to watch.

The basic premise is we’ll have two players on stage competing against each other, each of these players will be blindfolded and given a nerf lightsaber. Other students will throw foam balls towards the players, who must use the force to knock them away. After a minute, whoever had the most successful hits wins!

That’s the basic premise, but how you do it can change a bit. For instance, when we first started playing, the nerf lightsabers were available at most stores, but now they are pretty rare to find offline, so you’ve got to order them online. Or, just get the regular plastic ones from the store, and don’t use them for other games, like Jedi Dual. Secondly, our foam balls we used were foam ornaments from wall-mart that we had taken the hooks out of, so they were 3″ foam spheres. You could substitute for plastic playground balls, since those are light enough they won’t do any damage.

We played it a few ways, one time where our crowd was in two teams, and so the players blindfolded with lightsabers were representing their team, or half. We gave everyone on their half a chance to throw a ball to their player (within 1 minute), this ensured they were trying to help their player be able to hit the ball, rather than just throwing the ball. Other times, we played we called up specific people to be losing the plastic balls, and again, had a 1 minute timer on the game.

Last note on this idea, make sure to instruct whoever is going to be tossing the balls (crowd or specific players) they aren’t throwing the balls at the player, this isn’t dodgeball. But underhand tossing in front of the player.

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