Jedi Duel

April 30, 2018     Ben Read    

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This is a fun game that every group I’ve played it with has loved. I will admit, it can sound like it borders the line between stupid and safe, but whenever we’ve played it, we’ve been as safe as possible, and you need to be as well.

First thing first, we bought brand new baseball helmets with cages on them for this game. That’s gotta be stated right at the onset.

The premise of this game was that two players we’re placed inside of a 15 foot circle we had taped on the ground, each equipped with a foam lightsaber and wearing a caged baseball helmet. Taped to the top of each of their baseball helmets was a styrofoam cup. On the go signal, the players engaged in a lightsaber duel, with the winner being whoever could smash the foam cup on the other players head. Players lost if they stepped outside of the circle.We played first to 3 points, it doesn’t take much to swap out the smashed styrofoam cups between rounds, and our students always wanted a bit more.

Variations of this game, is much like jedi training, if you can’t find nerf lightsabers, you could try and use pool noodles instead, as those are still capable of smashing a foam cup. You could also attach multiple cups to each helmet, though we found usually one swing still knocked off or smashed multiple cups.

This game is great for May the fourth, just be smart about how you play it! Another great way would be to have two small group leaders compete in this, as you should be able to trust how they play in a safe way, and it always build camaraderie amongst groups when their leaders compete and they can cheer them on.

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