I Bought It…Now What? by Jason Sell

March 15, 2017     Keith Parker    

Jason Sell is the Youth Minister at Lebanon Christian Church in Indiana.

One of my historical struggles has been follow-­through on projects. Just check my garage and you would understand from the almost finished projects that ran into some complication. Somehow the persistent weekly schedule of being a youth minister who preaches each week and teaches once or twice a week inevitably catches up to me, and there sit a stack of books judging me from my desk, not to mention paperwork that was due to our treasurer last month.

The store at youthmin.org has been a lifesaver, with some great resources packaged and ready to be used. I’ve used sermon series, retreat packs, games, and even the blogs as resources to get my weekly work done. Buy it. Download it. Use it. It’s that easy, right? I’ll be honest, it is that easy IF you need to survive a hectic week. But I’ve found that’s terribly lacking in strategy, is a bad place to work from in a ministry that definitely needs us to think and plan ahead.

You need to strategize how you are going to use these resources because…
… you’re working with a team of volunteers who need to be prepared for what’s coming
… you’ve got multiple classes or programs a week
… you’ve got pretty good odds of needing someone to fill in for you on any given weekend
… you’re equipping students to serve and they need to know what you’re doing. We’ve found that

Trello, a website and an app for team collaboration, has been a tremendous help for my team to know exactly what is coming. It’s like a post-­it note wall, with plenty of tools for keeping every detail in front of my team. Each board is for a program or a trip that we do. Each column on a board tracks the week’s content, including a screenshot of the games we’ve downloaded and will be playing, scripts for my teachers, small group questions, and even rules for the games we’re going to play. My team can contribute ideas, make comments and help collaborate, making them the empowered ministers that they ought to be. Here is a screen shot of how we put these resources into a scheduled plan that all of our team had access to:

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  1. Russell Martin

    Thanks for the great resource, but huge thanks for showing me a great way to use trello! We use planning center for our worship services but this looks like a great way to put toegether all the resources needed for a night.

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