More Baby-Face Confessions

A month ago I wrote a blog called “Dear Baby-Faced Pastor,” where I told y’all about my struggle with looking like a 15 year old. When we posted it we got a huge response from everyone and people we’re even daring enough to share their own stories. Some of the stories made me cringe and some made me throw away my razor and shaving cream.

So we decided to share some of these hilarious confessions from other baby-faced youth workers that will convince you to start working on that beard or dye your hair grey.

  • Travin // My story isnt about me, but my wife. We took our group to Winter Jam last year. My wife was walking with some of our Youth escorting them around. She was asked by a leader from another group where was her YM? We are both 24yrs old, mind you. She is 5 foot 5 and looks young. So, for the rest of the night she was happy because someone thought she was still in Highschool.
  • Jared // My first Sunday at the church, as the worship pastor over 2 years ago, a lady came up to me and asked me what high school I attended in the area. I told her I was 22 (at the time, Senior in college) and she said the only reason she asked was because she said I looked like I was 12, and there’s no way the church would have hired a middle school boy to lead worship. Also, every year at church camp I get mistaken as a high schooler.  I’m 24 now, and I just started growing a tolerable amount of facial hair less than 2 months ago. The struggle (and the stubble) is real…
  • Tyler // At youth camp, while escorting my group to our section of seats, I was stopped & had a small argument with a lady that didn’t believe I was their YP. I even had the properly colored wrist-band. She reluctantly let me go with one of those “looks” b/c she though I was a high schooler skipping the HS service for the MS one. Also, I’ve had parents drop their kids off & ask to the talk to the YP. I would introduce myself as such, and one time the mom said, “Really?”. When I was interviewing with my current church, they came to observe me teach during a youth camp cabin time. I had already met these ladies once. I heard them comment to one another that they had a hard time picking me out from the other kids if I disappeared from sight too long…
  • Jessica // Very often at our diocese-wide events, I get stopped and asked where I’m going when I exit an area where the youth are supposed stay. Always more entertaining when my husband and I get strange looks for holding hands in the “chaperones-only” area. Especially during the years I’ve been pregnant.  I’m 32, so I’ll be sad when the questioning stops!
  • Caleb // Last summer after I had only been at the church a few weeks we had an event at our house. My wife had stepped out of the room for a minute while people were dropping off and a couple of my students were nearby. A parent came in to drop off their kid and one of my female students was walking into our kitchen (who was in 7th grade at the time) and the parent goes “oh, is this your lovely wife?!”   Awk. Ward.
  • Nathaniel // Once I was interviewing at a church and they wanted me to to be at a night of youth group and teach, but they didn’t tell any of the volunteers or students who I was. I decided to shave to look more presentable. Before youth group started a volunteer came up to me and asked what grade I was in high school. I told her I had graduated college, which then led to an awkward conversation on if I was a new volunteer.
  • Brian // I was at a youth conference and got kicked out of the leader lounge. When I insisted I was a youth pastor I was then told that I was only making my lying worse with more lying.
  • Andrew // Our neighbor called the cops for a noise complaint on us during an all-nighter. When the cop showed up he walked right past me to a sophomore student with a beard. And when the student pointed him to me he couldn’t find “the adult.”
  • Sam // One year me and my wife were at a middle school camp, and all the other church leaders(from different churches) saw us kiss and hold hands. Well the camp director was introducing us to everyone, and when he saw us having the same last name he assumed we were brother and sister and he introduced us a brother-sister due. We got a lot of disgusted looks. I am now the “Man-Child”, and my wife is affectionately called “Sister-Wife.”

The Stubble is real…

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