Christmas gift ideas for ministry volunteers

I don’t know about you, but I sort of hate November in the ministry world. Hear me out, it can be a crazy month! You just got through the craziness of Fall Launch, which always seems like it was forever ago, yet also feels like it was just last week. Maybe you just wrapped up a crazy time leading into Halloween, maybe you had a fall retreat somewhere in there, and now it’s November. You know Christmas is coming, but right now, it’s November, and you can seemingly take it easy, maybe coast for a bit.

What do you get your team? How do you show them you cherish what they are doing for teens? I’ve put together a few ideas that you may want to copy exactly, or will hopefully inspire you to something great. When it comes to giving gifts to our volunteers, I’ve always tried to get something that will be useable, or visible, and something that will bring our team closer together. Ideally, it sparks conversation about where it came from when others not involved in our ministry see it. With all that in mind, here are a few ideas that your team will love!

Framed Team Picture – Small Budget

This gift is great for any size ministry with any size budget! Get a quality photo taken by someone of your entire team, put it in a frame, and wrap it up with a nice personal note. I say any budget, because you can a 4×6 printed at Walgreens for a super minimal charge (often times it’s only like .12 cents!) and buy a frame from the dollar store. Even if you have to do it out of pocket, that’s less than $15 for a team of 10 to all have great gifts. A piggy back idea, especially if you can’t get the whole team together, is to get a picture of each leader with a student or two, and frame that.

Respect your elders T-shirt


The last few years, we’ve sold this T-shirt, and its been a huge hit with plenty of Youth Groups. We’re using a new system this year so that your order ships in 2 days, rather than having to wait for a ton of orders to come in and ship like previous years. I will say, I gave each member of my team this shirt for Christmas last year, and even my leaders who hated wearing T-shirts wore it constantly. It was definitely a huge hit with our team, and plenty others! You can order the shirt here!

Knit Beanie w/embroidered logo

beanieI know a ton of my team would love this, but it’s not for everyone or every leader. I put this on here because it’s still a great gift, but might not be as useful as others. You can order one of these, customized with your ministries logo, for less than $14 from, one of my favorite sites to use for customized gifts.

Jackets w/embroidered logo

jacketI also always use for these, and this is something to keep your eye out for. In the past, I’ve been able to get really nice Columbia fleece jackets with our logo for less than $20 each, last year we got Eddie Bauer fleece for $15, and then also nike rain jackets for $18. Great prices on stuff our leaders ALWAYS wear, which is a win-win (free promotion, and I hate giving gifts no one uses). The only other thing with Logoup is that there is an initial set up fee for your logo, but that’s a one time thing (also, this post isn’t sponsored by them, I just love their stuff. If they wanted to sponsor it, well, that would be great).




Travel Mugs

mugsWe’re not doing this for our team, but it would be kind of cool to do. You can buy those ozark trail stainless steel mugs (the yeti knock offs) for $10 at walmart, then just order some vinyl stickers with your logo on it, and slap them on! There are special stickers that can be put on these mugs that last, and you can get custom ones from many shops on etsy. You could probably do this for about $15 per leader.






So thats my list!

What are your ideas for gifts for volunteers? Share them in the comments below and help out other Youth Workers!


  1. I've done the mugs with vinyl stickers for under $10 a piece before. Keep an eye out for bulk pricing on They currently have a case (30) of 30oz mugs for $261.00. Vinyl Die Cut Stickers from ran me about $1.75 each.
  2. I overdid it last year and got each team member (only 6 or 7 ppl) something that related to their personality. It was inside my first 6 months, and I wanted them to know I was listening to them. I also had extra budget bc I was so careful. Now, I am liking the ideas I see above. Also maybe trying to do a little party for them... just some fun and games.

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