Make Thanksgiving Great Again!

No debate about it. This year’s Thanksgiving is gonna be huge and YouthMin is going to help you get there. So check out these resources and let’s make Thanksgiving great again!


Thanksgiving Small Group Lesson

One of the most powerful things that you as the youth pastor can do is to engage what is currently happening in the student’s world and connect it with the Gospel. This lesson attempts to bridge the season of Thanksgiving to the Gospel.

Comes with: Series graphic, one 3-page small group discussion guide, and a bonus game!



Thanksgiving Postcards for Volunteers

Show your leaders some love this Thanksgiving, and let them know how much they matter. Write the cards yourself, or put them in the hands of your students and families.

Comes with: 4 single-sided postcard png files and the photoshop files to edit.



Stuffed: 3 Week Thanksgiving Series

Sometimes we just don’t want to wait. We sneak a cookie when mom isn’t looking. Maybe grab a Burrito at Taco Bell on the way to Thanksgiving dinner. We end stuffed to the point of nausea. The danger of too much of something in our lives is that it leads to being ungrateful. And God has created us to be a grateful people!

Comes with: Title slide and a scripture slide, Count down the days Instagram pics (i.e. 3days until…) to build anticipation, 3 Instagram pics per session that is either a scripture or main idea from the previous session, Some weeks include prop ideas and/or worship elements, and also small group discussion questions.



3 Unexpected Thanksgivings

It can be easy to be thankful when things are going well. It gets more difficult when things are not quite so full of rainbows and puppy dogs! This three-week series discusses three people in the Bible who showed thankfulness at a very difficult point in their life. This would be a great series for Thanksgiving, or any time throughout the year!

Comes with: Sermon text in Google Docs and Microsoft Word formats, title slides for all sermons, and Original PSD file


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Fall Badges Motion Transitions

Bring on the spirit of fall with these motion transitions that are designed to make your program slides run smoothly.

Animations Included: Announcements, Offering, Welcome, Small Groups, Game Time, See You Next Week, and a 3 minute Countdown.

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