6 great Worship songs for Youth Group

I’m fortunate enough to have an intern who helps lead our Jr. High Worship, but I still oversee our High School Worship. I’ve always been a fan of choosing a selection of songs and keeping them, rotating a handful out at the end of the year (or sometimes, semester breaks), so your band and group can get to know the songs really well, while also being exposed to new songs. I was blessed to come into a ministry that had instilled a big heart for worship, so we typically do 6 songs each week, so here, we have a selection of 30 songs, or 5 weeks worth, that we choose from. This semester, these 6 are being added in, and I wanted to share them for those who are looking for new songs to bring into their youth worship times.

In no particular order, the 6 new songs we’ll be singing this year:

1 – O Praise the Name (Anástasis) – Hillsong Worship


2 – For the Lamb – Elevation Worship

3 – Make a way – I am They

4 – Rule – Hillsong United

5 – Burning in my Soul – Passion

6 – From the Day – I am they


What songs are you singing with your students?

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