This Is What We Did Last Week – 3.8.16

Frank Gilepikos Church in Milwaukee, Wi

15 minute countdown video
YouthMin Spotify Playlist
It was my birthday to the leaders brought snacks and cake.

Funny Video:
How to get your youth group crush to notice you.
Franchesskah drinks water (made by me)

Cottonball Game

Waiting Dating Mating (YouthMin) We are in week three of this series. We talked specifically about sex and boundaries.

One Major thought of the night: “God gives us boundaries for our joy and benefit.”

Cooper MillerThe Bridge Bible Church in Bakersfield, California

Spotify Playlist

Blessed Be the Name

Large Group –Kajabe Can Can:
The game is played with students grasping straps around a trash can. The goal is to drag opponents into the trash can or get them to release the strap. The students begin my moving in a circle, like they’re attempting to create a whirlpool in the middle of a field. Eventually one edge of the circle moves closer to the trash can until students are pulled into or jump over it.

Upfront Game:
Up Front – Beat the Clock:
We added a variation to this where once they are out they got a pie in the face, we are going with a pie theme this month.

Catchphrase – Salvation & Sanctification
Sometimes church words can be confusing. What do they actually mean? How do they apply to my life. Last night students were challenged to live lives more like Jesus lived

Ben Read – Chain of Lakes Community Bible Church in Lake Villa, IL

9 square in the air, snacks and hangout area


Relentless by Hillsong, Please Be My Strength by Gungor, Broken Vessels by Hillsong, Christ is Enough by Hillsong, and Scandal of Grace by Hillsong.


BOLD | week 1 – Ruth and her bold ask

“The only thing bold about trying to save ourselves is the way we crash and burn. We need a savior, that savior has already come, we don’t need to boldly ask for help the way Ruth did.”

Jason Sell – Lebanon Christian Church in Labanon, Indiana

Spotify Playlist
End It Movement

Worship: All The Poor & Powerless, The Stand, Good Good Father, Breathe Deep (remake of song by Lost Dogs)


#Hashtags #Savage, Gen 6/7 – Noah, Wickedness in our world

Major Thought – “If we are going to have the potential to influence the salvation of others, we need to shift our view from hatred to sorrow for those who do evil.”

One Minor thought from the night – Remind your game leaders that duct tape leaves residue on wood gym floors.

Keith Parker Hazelwood Christian Church in Clayton, IN

Pre-servicePhil Wickham “Ascension”

Silly VideoCats Leap for Leap Year by AFV

Game – 2 Truths and a Lie Leader Edition

Worship Set – Love Come Down, Glory is Yours, Death Was Arrested, I Need Thee

Message – Magnetic Series – week 6 – Self-Control

Main Thought for the Night – “Showing Self-Control can attract others to Jesus and give them strength to show self-control in their own lives.”

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