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So a number of years ago, I was in a rush before youth group trying to figure out a quick game with minimal setup.  In a moment of inspiration, I created Full Speed Pictionary.  I don’t know if I invented it or stole it from the dark corners of my mind somewhere, but it has become a game our students love.  It’s quick, easy, involves everyone, and gets students moving.

So how do you play?
You create 10 items in a category, like 80s cartoons or whatever, and put them on index cards, 1 per card. You keep possession of the 10 cards, and keep them in order 1-10. Students get paper and markers, and they are put into teams of however many you want and scattered around the room, equidistant from you in the middle.

They send up 1 representative, and you give them the view of the first item / index card. They run back to their group and begin drawing. The same rules of normal Pictionary apply (no writing, no numbers, no speaking, etc.) When someone from their group guesses the item correctly, the person that guessed runs to you and tells you their group’s answer, and you show them the next item. They run back and begin working on the next item.  First team to finish all 10 wins! Easy to set up, lots of fun.

The most difficult part is when a bunch of students come running up at the same time.  I usually just go with a “first come, first served” setup.  So the first student to arrive gets to see the next item first.

Happy drawing!

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