Celebrate EVERY victory in Youth Ministry

Facebook and Instagram in my life are basically just for following other Youth Pastors and ministries. Helping to run the YouthMin.org Facebook community and being involved in several other groups, I see hardly any updates on my newsfeed that aren’t coming from a youth worker. I say that because that means that most Sundays and Wednesdays, I get to celebrate with other churches as they post how many baptisms, or salvations, or commitments they had in their services. On the one hand, it’s easy to be skeptical and wonder the discipleship process that follows, and in full honesty, I’ve had those thoughts several times in the past when seeing these type of posts. Then, God sort of smacked me on the head with the realization that at the end of the day, someone had made a decision to surrender their life to Him, and that’s never a reason to not celebrate.

So I made the commitment that this year.  I’m celebrating every single time someone makes that decision. I’m celebrating with others who see it in their ministry, and I’m celebrating it in my own. Whether it’s 14, 48, 300, I want to celebrate it. Last night at our IMPACT service, our Jr. High Ministry, we had a student pray to put his trust in Christ for the first time after our message, and I got to pass him off to his small group leader to keep talking until he and I can get together as well. I posted it for others to celebrate with me, but also to remind myself of how amazing it is every single time someone turns to God. My old cynical self would have seen my post and scoffed “Only one?” but I think God wants more celebrators than cynics.youth ministry altar calls

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