Whack ‘Em

circle games for youth ministry large groups

This game is a classic youth ministry game. I think most people have probably played this one, but it’s also easy to forget about.

Everyone sits in a circle except for one player, who has the sword of squish. To begin the game, the person in the middle points at one person of their choosing, who must say the name of the person in the middle and the name of someone else in the circle, (Once more, someone not immediately next to them). Whoever they call must then say the name of the person who called them, and the name of someone new, in order to “tag” this new player. This continues to go on, while the person in the middle attempts to whack whoever is it with the sword of squish. If you are still “IT” and get whacked, you are now in the middle, and the player who had been in the middle begins the game by calling out a new name. The first player in each round will always say the name of the person in the middle, and whoever they are calling.

We played it last night with our group of Jr. Highers who did not understand the concept. The above rules are a bit more advanced with how you say the names, so we simplified it to the classic rules of just saying someone else’s name. We played like 14 rounds straight where the first person called was getting tapped with our sword of squish, so I asked them to call me so I could unleash on one of our interns. That moment opened their eyes to the game and we had a blast for the final 4 minutes of our game time.

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