Trusting that God is in Control

I love the church I get to do ministry at. I just celebrated one year in this position, and I’ve been enjoying looking through my TimeHop and seeing all the pictures from moving into our house, and first night at Youth Group, and all of that.

But I was in conversation with our church for several months before they hired me, and during that time, I was still talking to several other churches. Truth be told, during that time, the church I’m at was the last one on I was really excited to be talking to, until a few conversations with the Pastoral staff and a few other things that made it go from me not wanting to be here to this being the church I couldn’t wait to wrap up the process with and start working at if they’d hurry up, pulling my name out of consideration at several other churches.

I share that because, in the end, God took care of us. My family is at a great church, in a great location we love, near family and friends, and really taken care of. But, the process of getting here had a lot of low, low moments.

There is nothing more disheartening than falling in love with a church, thinking you’d be a great fit, and being told you’re not what they’re looking for (actually, more disheartening, is not being told that but seeing on Facebook of 3 weeks of waiting to hear back that they’ve hired a Youth Pastor).

We’ve all been there. We’ve all had those moments where what we felt was so clearly God’s plans don’t quite turn out that way.

I’ve recently begun re-reading Acts in my personal time with God, and what I love is when you read something again and see something you haven’t seen before. For me, in the first chapter, it was Barsabbas. He stuck out because we’re using Barnabas for the middle name of our Son who is due this January, and I was interested in the meaning of Barsabbas.

We only get a few verses about this guy, but we know there is nothing that separates Him from being able to fill this role in the same way Matthias does, other than he’s not who God chooses.

What I love and was encouraged by was that he doesn’t leave the group, but stays faithful. He trusts God, puts the mission of God above his own self interest. We don’t even know that he takes any sort of offense. We don’t know that he wasn’t relieved he didn’t get chosen. But we know that in Chapter 15, he’s still around, still doing work for the church, and chosen to go with Paul and Barnabas to Antioch for the work of the Lord.

But if I think about myself in his shoes, I know how I would like to say I’d respond in that situation, but I also know how I have responded in the past.

It’s tough to not take things personally, especially when it comes to our calling and doing ministry. But I believe God wants us to trust Him. It’s funny, when we aren’t seeking new ministries, it’s easy to remember that God calls us, that God is in charge and in control. When were seeking, when were shepherds without flocks, it’s easy to forget.

If you’re searching for a new ministry, my prayer is that you would remember the example of Barsabbas. Remember that God is in control, and Trust Him. You may get turned down by a church, but that is never a bad thing. God knows where he is leading you, and it’s going to be better in the long run. Trust Him.

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