Tectonic Plates

youth ministry game

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Tectonic Plates is a fun, cheap game we played with our Jr. High Ministry yesterday. If you’ve played Human Roomba, it’s very similar to that, just more group participation.

Two teams are formed, and one volunteer from each team gets wrapped from head to toe in duct tape. The big difference here is that usually, we wrap arms and legs together with body, but in this game, we want arms and legs separate. Once covered, they stand in the middle of their own circle, with their teams all on the outside of their circle about 5 feet from the duct tape person in the middle, and a little space between the two teams circles. Each team gets their own color of paper plates that they will begin to throw at their duct tape person to get as many plates stuck on in a minute as they can. At any point, anyone from either team can switch the other circle, still withpaper plates of their teams color, to knock off paper plates or get their own stuck on. Whichever color has the most on their player after 1 minutes wins.

Two notes:

1) When we played with our group, we just had everyone stand around the same circle. Either way would work, but we thought it easier to just use the away circle already in our gym. With that, students were having a tough time getting the plates to stick, because there wasn’t enough surface of the plate coming into contact with the duct tape.

2) Kind of crucial, try and have volunteers wearing long sleeves, and keep students from wrapping arms and legs too tightly. We had to spend a few minutes carefully cutting the duct tape off of an arm similar to a cast because students went a little crazy with the tape.

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