Shoot The Name

October 16, 2015     Frank Gil    

What you will need:
1. Nerf Gun (we used this one)
2. Hula Hoop
3. Chairs for each person.

How to play:
You get everyone in a circle and have each person say their first name. You choose a person to be in the center ready to shoot someone with the nerf gun. The shooter can’t leave the center circle. The students seated in the circle have to quickly say someones name before they get shot. If you don’t say someones name in time, you will get shot and if you get shot, you have to go into the middle. Students can’t say the name of the person next to them or the person who just said their name.

If the shooter misses, he can reload and try to shoot them. However, the student in the seat can say someone else’s name while they reload to make the game keep going. No head shots just for safety. The students have to remain seated but they can dodge as long as the student doesn’t get out of their seat.

This is a great game for students to learn each others name and have tons of fun!

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