Monday Questions | 10.5.15

It’s time for Monday Questions. Loved seeing the varied responses last week, so lets try it again!

1 | What’s your most used font in your student ministry?

2 | How far away from your church do you live?

3 | What’s your favorite 90’s era Youth Worship song?

4 | What is your favorite game to play with your group?

5 | Spotify, Pandora, or iTunes Music?

6 | What translation of the Bible do you preach out of?

Leave it in the comments!


  1. I'll start it off! 1 | Gotham or Helvetica 2 | Hitting Red lights, the exact length of Awakening by Hillsong. No red lights, Gracious Tempest. 3 | Agnus Dei by Third Day 4 | Circle Soccer is always fun 5 | Spotify for daaaaays 6 | ESV
  2. 1 | Big Jim and Slim Joe 2 | Five to ten minutes depending on if a train is coming through town. 3 | Heart of Worship 4 | Dodgeball 5 | iTunes Music if I'm over music / Spotify if it's my high school director 6 | NIV or ESV
      • I don't have a strong preference towards iTunes music. Few specifics for me. 1) I just tend to like to use one program for things, and I've been using iTunes for 10 years. So their new streaming service was a natural next step. 2) Our youth room doesn't have consistent wi-fi. So I tend to prefer to use music which is purchased and downloaded. And I purchase my music through iTunes. Thus it's the natural application to use. With all that said, we use XP3, and they have specialized playlists for each series already in Spotify. So Spotify is very frequently used.
  3. 1 | Open Sans or Fira Sans 2 | 15-20 min. 3 | Tough one - most of my favs are from here. Let's go with Draw Me Close 4 | "Mine" is probably can-can (haven't played it in ages). "Theirs" is prob Ultimate Frisbee 5 | Spotify 6 | ESV
  4. 1 | Cubano and Gotham 2 | 8-10 mins 3 | Yes Lord, Yes Lord, Yes Yes Lord. 4 | Shuffle Your Buns or Whack a Kid 5 | Spotify 6 | The Elects Standard Version (ESV) :)
  5. 1. Heiti SC and Archer 2. 30 minutes 3. Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble? or I Will Not Be Shaken. Both bring back sweet memories. 4. Capture the Flag, although I haven't finished working through the games suggested in last Monday's post. 5. Spotify. Personally, I use iTunes Match. 6. Youth: NLT. "Big" Church: ESV
  6. 1. Gotham 2. 15-20Min 3. I was one of the wierdos who got into Music later in life 4. Gagaball or Dodgeball 5. Spotify 6. ESV Love this, been looking for some cool fonts to use
  7. 1) Haymaker and Ostrich Sans 2) 20 minutes 3) I didn't go to youth group as a kid. I became a Christian 6 years ago! 4) Aw Snap! 5) Spotify 6) ESV

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