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October 7, 2015     Ben Read    

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We played this game last night in our Jr. High Ministry and on Sunday with our Sr. Highers. Haven’t played it in a few years, and I totally forgot how much fun it is!

Everyone stands in a circle, with their feet touching the feet of the person next to them, spread a little bit more than shoulder width. The object of the game is to pass the ball through the legs of the other players (every man for themselves) without letting the ball go through your legs. If the ball does get through your legs, you have to turn around, and keep playing. While turned around, if the ball goes through your legs again, you are out and the circle narrows. However, if you are turned around and you pass the ball through someone elses legs, you get to turn yourself back around. The ball also cannot go out of the circle between you and another person. If it passes between the legs of you and your partner, below the waist, you both must turn around. If it is higher than the waist, whoever hit the ball must turn around. Finally, you can not throw the ball at any point through the legs of the person immediately next to you until only 5 players remain.

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